How To Tell If a Guy Will Call Back

There is nothing more disconcerting and truly nerve-racking than waiting (and more waiting) for one phone call from a guy that you are hopelessly infatuated with. And then you play the previous scenario over and over in your head thinking, "...and then he smiled and said he's going to call me... he sounded really sincere... so why hasn't he called yet? Oh God..."  Many women experience this dilemma and because of this, they tend to overthink things. Do not worry. This is completely normal. Guys have this innate need to impress a lady. It has something to do with their "macho" factor. The problem is, they tend to say things even if they do not mean it. It is sadly frustrating but very true for most of the time. To veer you out of temporary insanity, racking your brains out if Mr. Right will call you or not, check out these steps to effectively determine if he is going to give you a ring.

  1. A date to remember. On your first date, you could actually tell if Mr. Right will call you back or not. It is all in the quality of your first time together. It is important that both of you had fun so much that you literally did not notice the time. A guy that asks a lot of specific questions about you such as your past relationships, your family, funny experiences, etc. are will most likely call you back mainly because he is really interested about you. Excess propriety or the complete opposite would show that he's not interested in calling you back.
  2. The single approach. Be very observant and determine if Mr. Right is alone or not. The more guys he's with, the lesser chance that he will call you back. However, if he is completely alone and looks a bit nervous, he must really like you and will call you the first chance he gets home.
  3. It's all in the words. Carefully listen to what he is saying when he is talking to you. A truly interested man will either blab his way about nonsensical things (this is out of nervousness and is mostly funny) or he will start asking a lot of specific questions about you. However, if he starts acting all confident and if his words are full of glib, flattery and flirt, you might want to think twice because this man will never call you back.
  4. A sober gesture. Here is a rule of the thumb:  Never trust an intoxicated man. This goes true for every kind of situation that you are in. If a guy asks your number when he's drunk, give it up because he will never call you back. He would probably forget about you and your number completely the moment he comes to his senses. If a man is not drunk and asks for your number while directly looking at you with steady eyes, he'd call you back.

These are the things that you need to do to successfully tell if your guy will call you or not. Just follow these very simply steps to prevent you from wasting your precious time and energy and having a huge migraine. After all, if he does not call-so what? There are plenty of fishes under sea. All you have to do is move on and start fishing again! You deserve only the best and if he does not see that, then he is not worth it. Good luck and have fun!


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