How To Tell If a Woman is Cheating on Her Man

Although men are popular for their love of women and their deceitful escapades, a woman also has this capability to obtain more than one man in her life. Her surprisingly devious ways can certainly create an intricate web of emotions from her men often leading to a disastrous result, even more chaotic than that of a man's betrayal. This is mainly due to an old pre-set social culture that has been followed by most people where a lady is subject to follow his man's lead. You may recognize this as a chauvinistic behavior but still, it does not change the fact that cheating is completely wrong whether you are a man or a woman. Both sexes think very differently, however, everything boils down to the same symptoms when one is being deceitful to the other. Read on to learn more about how to tell if a woman is cheating on her man.

  1. Discreet phone calls. Observe your girl's behavior whenever she receives a text message or call on her mobile. Do you see any unusual demeanor such as whispered conversations, discreet texting or subtle checking for messages? If you do, there must be something going on. Although this behavior does not automatically mean that she is cheating on you (it could be that she is planning a surprise party), it is a good indication that she is keeping something from you. You can also check her phone bills and see the numbers that she keeps on calling apart from you. Try dialing this number and determine who this is by fishing for it.
  2. Check the bills. Double-check her credit card statements. Having an affair never comes cheap. There is always something that you need to pay for like motel bills, gas bills from out of the way places and some occasional lingerie. Do not be surprised if she is hiding the bills from you because she may have shopped too much the other day and does not want to let you know about it yet. However, if you do get the chance to see it, make sure that you review all the items on the list. If you see a name of a motel then she's probably cheating on you.
  3. Too many sudden appointments. Does your girl often forget something that she has to do that causes her to leave the house quickly giving you a garbled explanation and not leaving you any time to ask her any questions? This could be a good indication that she is going to meet someone. If you can, discreetly follow her to one of these appointments and see what she is up to.
  4. The weird behavior. Ask your girl about her day. Make sure that you ask very specific questions like what did she do all morning, what she bough in the groceries, etc. Carefully observe her facial expressions. If she answers you vaguely while constantly shifting her eyes, she is lying about something. What you can do is keep on asking her the same questions in different variations and see if she comes up with the same answer. If not, then you might want to ask her what's going on.

This experience can be very difficult to deal with but instead of you forever doubting, just follow these steps to achieve a factual conclusion if your girl is truly cheating on you. This way, you can finally put your foot down by basing it not with your perceptions but through solid facts. Now stop your quiet frustration and start moving. You deserve to know the truth. Good luck!


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