How To Tell If He Is Not Interested in You

One of the most common predicaments that a single woman often experiences is the mind boggling process of determining a man's intention if he is truly interested or not. A guy in nature is basically flirty, always wanting to impress girls regardless if he is in a relationship or not. Most of the time, he never seems to lack propriety wherever he goes and whomever he is with. These factors are the makings of a deadly trap that many swooning women fall for. This often leads to a lethal mind maze of utter confusion. The most frustrating part is, the man is not even trying! He is just being his usual self, going about his usual day, literally unaware. Fortunately, there are ways that you can do to know if Mr. Right is not interested in you. Just continue reading and learn about these things instead of endlessly overanalyzing things in your brain.

  1. No return calls. A guy is not interested when he never calls and never returns any of your calls. Even if he answers and then abruptly cuts the conversation due to some urgent excuse, he is not into you. Never fall or believe when he says he will call you after twenty minutes when you just experienced this scenario because more often than not, he is never going to call. So give it up and move on!
  2. An extremely busy schedule. He is not really into you when he is always busy whenever you ask him out or when you ask him why he did not call. When a guy likes a girl, he will make time and will make a whole lot of excuses just to be with her. If he does not do this, then he is not interested at all. Try asking him about his plans three weeks from now. A normal response should be "I'm not sure yet... why?"  But if he replied, "...errr, I have this thing to attend to..." then leave and go look somewhere else.
  3. Doesn't ask you out. If he did not initiate any kind of meeting arrangement for the second time, he probably is not interested in you at all. A guy usually asks a girl out immediately if he is interested, without further delaying it. If not, then go to the next page of your love book.
  4. Flirts with other women. When both of you are out, does he looks around and checks out other pretty women? Does he leave you and flirt with them? If this is the case, he is definitely not interested!
  5. Sudden cancellation of plans. If you had a date with him and he suddenly calls you the last minute saying that he needs to do something else, then he is not at all interested. Sudden cancellations are nasty but this is a very good indication if your man is just not into you.

These are the things that you need to do to fully know if your man is not into you. This could be a bit tricky but as long as you carefully follow these steps to the letter, you can never go wrong! Just remember, it is very important that you act casually or else, you might be mistaken as a lunatic stalker! Keep it in stride and keep it real. If it turned out that he does not like you, move on and do not dwell. You clearly deserve someone that can see your interesting and amazing personality. Good luck!


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