How To Tell if Your Relationship Can Be Saved

Relationships, once nice and sweet, can always turn sour. Perhaps it's the monotony that makes relationships become boring and burdensome, or maybe the partners realize that they have too many differences to actually stick together as a couple. Sometimes, other factors come in, like third parties and career moves that leave one partner feeling as if he is being neglected.

You hear stories everyday about your friends crying, wondering how their relationships could be saved. You listen to them, thankful that your own relationship is faring way better. Or is it? What if one day you wake up and you find out that your partner is just not into you anymore? What if he tells you he wants to pack up and move on? Will you try to save your relationship? How can you tell if that can still be saved?

  • Take time to be with yourself and assess if you really want to save your relationship. Will it be worth all the trouble? Think back and remember the reasons you hooked up with your partner in the first place. Are those reasons still there? If you cannot feel them anymore, do you think they are just lying dormant somewhere, ready to be revived? If you feel that they are absolutely gone, then you better think twice about saving your relationship.


  • If your partner has displayed abusive behavior towards you in the past, then it's definitely not a good idea to try saving your relationship. You're better off without him, for sure. If you think that your differences are irreconcilable, then don't deny the obvious to yourself. Saving the relationship will be an exercise in futility. The same thing is true if your partner is habitually cheating on you. Do yourself a favor and say goodbye to him.

If, however, you feel that you and your partner still have strong feelings for each other and given some time together, you will find what you once had before, then it means that you can still save your relationship.

  • Ask your partner to take a short trip with you somewhere. It could be anywhere, but a trip to your favorite vacation spot as a couple will help you both get back into the mood of being into each other. Take him down memory lane, and remind him subtly why you gravitated towards each other before. If he responds positively to these efforts, then you're in luck, and the relationship can still be salvaged. If he appears to be mainly bored, then maybe it's time to hit the highway. Say goodbye to him for good.
  • If there are times when he can still be really sweet and attentive to you, then all is not lost. Maybe he's just tired and stressed from working too much, that's why he can't do these romantic things all the time. If that's the case, then help him relax. Find ways to remind him that someone loves and cares for him, and that he should take some time off from his busy schedule.

Whatever you try to do to save the relationship, do not force yourself upon him. It has to be a two-way road. He has to want to save the relationship as well. Practice patience all the time, and know when to declare defeat when nothing seems to work out.


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