How To Tell if You're Having an Online Affair

Due to the wonders of technology, the birth of the World Wide Web has become a commodity to so many people around the globe. It has been widely used for business, research purposes, scientific studies, media, entertainment and most of all it gives all individuals the ability to connect to anyone in the world. The Internet has become an entirely different world, which is now known as the virtual reality where everything is hypothetically real. This means that your thoughts have become a concrete representation of yourself to compensate for being physically unavailable. Gadgets such as built-in cameras and speakers have made it all possible to make this world a bit closer to reality. Everything is possible and anything can be done!

Many single men and women have taken advantage of this by meeting new people and finding partners online. A virtual relationship can be anything but virtual. It can also be the most meaningful relationship that you can ever have. So how can you tell if you are having an online affair? Read on to learn more.

  1. Evaluate the status of the relationship. Reassess your online relationship by thinking about how you treat each other during your chat or video sessions. If you have a consistently friendly banter without any hint of intimacy or emotional needs, then what you currently have is just a friend. However, if you talk about a lot of personal things and that there is an underlying emotion that both of you can feel, this can be a start of a serious online affair.
  2. Get real. Think about how you truly feel about the person and how you conduct yourself whenever you are talking to him. Are you just being yourself or did you create an alter-ego that completely defies your true personality? If you are lying to the person, this cannot be an online affair because it is just a game to you. However, if you have shown who you are, then you must really like him. As long as he gives you the same thing that is the only way that it can become an online relationship.
  3. An intimate chat. If you have already became intimate with him in the virtual world, and it is something that keeps on repeating mainly because both of you really enjoyed it, what you have is truly an online affair!
  4. Open communication. Carefully observe how your conversations go. Have you ever talked about your relationship and its status? It is very important that both of you have mutually agreed on an affair together online. This should be very clear. If you have not done this, then you do not have an online affair.

There you have it. Read and carefully understand these steps so you can successfully determine if you are truly having an online affair. Remember, dating online can be really fun but it is very important that you are always careful with the information that you give out. Many fraudulent activities have sprouted in the shadows of the virtual world so make sure that you do not become one of their preys. Good luck and have fun!


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