How To Tell Someone You Really Love Them

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At a glance, it seems very easy to do. Saying “I love you” after all has become sort of a habit or expression by most people and it seems as though it’s an ordinary and automatic thing to say to anyone.

But telling someone you really love them requires sincerity. “I love you’s” are not a dozen a dime. These words are sacred and should be told only to people you really, really love. Most of all, you should say these words only when you truly mean them.

Telling someone you really love them can actually be done by deeds as well as by words. I believe words are just words and don’t really mean a thing unless they are manifested through actions. While it is true that saying “I love you” can work magic to someone you really care about, accompanying these words with loving actions is heaven!

You should take note that attached to the words “I love you” is a great responsibility. You don’t visit your mom, kiss her on the cheek, say “I love you mom” then later on despise the dinner she prepared. While there is no question you really love your mother, for the simple reason that she is your mother, your love must be manifested also through your actions.

Love is felt, there is no doubt. But expressing this feeling in words is one thing and showing it through actions is another. Apparently, there are times when you just have to show your feelings in words because love is better shown than told.

So how should you actually tell someone you really love them?

Tell you love them when you mean it. Don’t say you love your father because he just bought you a car. Tell him you love him when least expected. For instance, you see him very late at night working in his library, go inside and tell him you love him. He will surely appreciate this and will make him feel good about what he is doing in order to provide for the family.

So now you are happy you told your father you loved him. What now? Will that be enough to make him feel loved? No. You have to do things you know will make him happy. Study hard. Present your good grades to him. Clean his car even when not told so. Once in a while be a caddy as he plays golf.

“I love you son”, A father whispers in the ear of his sleeping son. Yet he sees the marks of the whip he used in hitting the poor child a while back when he did some mischief with his sister. Now, is that real love?

Telling someone you really love them is not as simple as uttering the words. Say them alright, but then again… show it as well. Not tomorrow or next time but now, before you pass the chance and won’t be able to say it again, ever.


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