How To Tell Your Parents You're Pregnant if You're a Teenager

Teen with positive pregnancy test

Getting pregnant is every woman’s miracle.  It is something that you should be proud of especially if you did not have a hard time conceiving. On the other hand, if you are one of those teenagers who got pregnant by accident, breaking the news to your family is the hardest thing to do. In the end, you don’t have any choice but tell them the real thing.

It takes a lot of bravery and confidence to tell your parents that you are pregnant but who else will give you moral advice and support other than your folks. They are the best people on earth who would understand what you are going through most especially at a young age.

Below are some helpful advices on how to spiel the good news:

No. 1: The best way to tell your parents that you are an expectant mom is by talking with them one on one or privately.
Hence, be ready with their reactions. Your parents would definitely feel bad hearing the news. What do you expect? After all, they trusted you so much. Some parents would not even talk to their daughters to let them know how hurt they were. Therefore, be ready with these circumstances. Sooner or later they will accept what had happened, thus, prove to your parents that your pregnancy has nothing to do with how they brought you up. This is the choice you made.

No. 2: Ask your closest sibling to assist you in imparting the news. If you are the youngest, tell your elder brother or sister about your situation and seek out for their help. Plan together the most convenient time to tell your parents about the pregnancy. If you do not have an elder brother or sister, ask a closest relative, one whom you consider in the family the most respectable, to facilitate with the revelation.

No. 3: Write a letter. Your parents would undeniably understand that you do not have the guts to tell them face to face concerning your real condition. Pen and paper are powerful tools in expressing your feelings so rest assured that your message in the letter was conveyed clearly. Still, they would like to know more about this by talking to you.

No. 4: Stay in your room for a week or two.
The message is sent across that something is bothering you. Your parents will certainly initiate the talk and this is the best occasion to let them know what you are going through.

Whatever kind of system you make use of, confronting your parents about your pregnancy at an early age is without a doubt challenging. Emotionally you should be prepared in disclosing about your condition. If you need to say sorry for the pain you have caused your parents, say it with conviction and stay as is. In due time, your parents will accept the whole thing.

As for now, you have to make plans for yourself, the baby and the future. Accept and embrace all the responsibilities that you need to cope with.


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