How To Throw an Engagement Party

You can show your support and excitement for your newly-engaged friends or loved ones by throwing them a fantastic engagement party. Here are some suggestions to keep the celebration stress-free and memorable.

Step 1

Discuss the party with the bride and groom-to-be. To throw the best engagement party, you should really cater it to the style and preferences of the engaged couple. So sit down with the couple and go over your plans for the engagement party before you make any big decisions. Select a date that works for everyone, and discuss a venue. You'll also need to acquire a guest list from the couple. (Have the in-laws double-check this, so that no one is forgotten. Remember that everyone on this guest list must be invited to the wedding.) Discuss the style of the engagement party too. Would the couple prefer a simple cocktail party? Dessert party? Or perhaps a BBQ? An engagement party can take just about any form. So it's okay to plan a unique engagement party that perfectly suits the couple.

Step 2

Do your planning ahead of time. A great engagement party is one that goes off without a hitch. So if you've taken on the responsibility of throwing an engagement party for your friends or family, don't take the job lightly. Start getting things prepared early. Talk to vendors, caterers, and venues several months before the date of the engagement party. This is a must, to ensure that they will be available on the day. Double check your plans with the location at least a month before-hand too. Go over the menu, any appetizers, and the drinks that will be offered. And approach the parents of the couple to help with the expenses of the party. There can't be any oversights if you want the feeling of the engagement party to be one of celebration and not one of tension.

Step 3

Get some help. Although you may consider yourself to have super powers, it's okay to ask for help when planning an engagement party. Actually, it's the smartest thing you can do. Delegate smaller tasks to family members. Not only will this lighten your load, but it will also make the family feel more involved in the process. Perhaps you want to put the bride's sister in charge of invitations. Maybe your mother would like to help by keeping the food trays overflowing. You will also want to ask someone to be in charge of taking pictures throughout the engagement party. The couple will really appreciate having these snapshots. Tell these people their tasks ahead of time so that when the day of the engagement party comes, everyone will know his or her place.

Step 4

Let the good times roll. There isn't a set schedule for an engagement party. Really, it's just a party where everyone gets together to join the couple in formally celebrating their engagement. So as the host, you should ensure that the guests have a good time. Hire a DJ if you want to have a dance floor. Hang pictures of the bride and groom-to-be as they were growing up. (Guests love to ogle at how cute the groom used to be!) And just create an overall atmosphere of fun and fellowship. If you can convey a sense of relaxation, then the guests will make the engagement party a success.

Step 5

Don't forget the toast! One of the few responsibilities you do have on the night of the engagement party is toasting the couple. You may want to prepare your toast ahead of time. To begin, thank the guests for coming and urge them to have a great time. Discuss how you met the bride or groom, what their ‘story' is, and then ask quests to raise their glasses in support of the new couple. A great toast will reinforce the fact that you threw a great engagement party.


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