How To Touch a Girl

Early in a relationship or a friendship there is a barrier that may be difficult to cross - the touch barrier. As you get close to someone there may be awkward moments or times when you want to touch her to show her that she has your attention. To cross this barrier with style and charm, follow these steps.

  1. Get to know the girl. Hopefully you aren't trying to touch a girl you don't already know. If you are in the early stages of your acquaintance then you need to get to know the girl before you can start thinking about touching her or approaching her. Start with hello and then work on becoming friends before you move forward to the remaining steps.
  2. Approach gradually. If you believe the acquaintance has begun to shift from platonic and distant to friendly then you may consider planning your approach. Don't just decide one day that you will touch the girl. Instead start by standing closer to her when you talk. Move into her personal space a little to make sure she accepts you there before you move to making contact.
  3. Find out where you stand. If you aren't sure whether you are close enough to touch, you can always ask the girl. Or offer a few hints that you are getting interested then watch for her response.
  4. Start with her hands. Hand to hand contact is the first and most formal place to start. People shake hands with strangers when they first meet and some people talk with their hands moving in all directions. When speaking with the girl, consider brushing your hand against hers or reaching out and touching her hand to get her attention. If she is receptive, this first contact may move to you stroking her hand with your thumb or fingers in a kind of friendly caress.
  5. Pay attention to body language. Throughout the entire process you will need to pay attention to how the girl reacts whether you are getting closer, starting with simple touches or moving in to more intimate caresses. Don't just expect the girl to pull away or tell you to leave her alone. She may be too uncomfortable or too nervous to speak to you directly. Instead watch her body. Does she tense or shift away? If so, you need to back off. If she shifts closer to you or her body relaxes, it's probably an invitation to continue touching her.
  6. Work up to strokes and touches. Touching is a gradual process that you need to work up to. Continue to pay attention to her reaction and keep your touches soft, sensual and relaxed.
  7. Grasp her hand and tug her your way lightly (optional). You never want to pull and push but some little tugs may be romantic. Once you know the girl is receptive, consider sweeping her into your arms for more involved touching.

The little touches that are shared between friends and couples are important. Sometimes the best way to show someone you care is to lightly touch her face while you are looking into her eyes. If you want to learn to touch a girl without making her uncomfortable or getting slapped, put these steps into practice.


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