How To Treat a Girl Well

So, you finally have a girlfriend. It took you a while to get her but here you are with no useful skills, no attractive features and no hope in the world. Come to think of it, you are on lucky son of a %^&^ to even be with her.

This means you better treat her well.  If she realizes that she can do better than what you can offer, you might be in danger of losing her. You have to treat her so well that she doesn't even begin to think that she can do better.

Follow these simple steps and you will ensure that she gets treated well as your girlfriend.  This guide will give you a heads up on what it takes to make a girl happy.

  1. Be genuine. It helps to actually want to treat your girl well. If you do not want to treat her well, then you must not be ready to have a girlfriend. She will know if you are only trying to treat her well so that you can get something in return. If you have found the right woman, treating her well should be reward enough.
  2. Everything should be about her.  Let her talk about the things that are important to her. Listen to what she has to say. Learn more about the things that make her the woman she is. What are the things that interest her? You can begin by asking about her hobbies and doing the hobbies with her. You can also simply support her in her hobbies by cheering her on in a game or buying her gifts that show you support her endeavors.
  3. Give her compliments. A compliment goes a long way for a girl. You can tell her she is pretty or give her a more specific compliment. Tell her how much you like her dress or how good dinner was.  When you deliver your compliment, look into her eyes and tell her sincerely how you feel.
  4. Good hygiene.  Good hygiene is very important way to show her how you feel. Nothing says "I care" like a fresh shower and recently brushed teeth. Take a bath or shower regularly. The same goes for brushing your teeth. This rings especially true if you and the girl have become more intimate than usual.
  5. Remember special occasions. Special events and dates are important for women so you are best served if you do not forget about these dates. Write down birthdays and anniversaries in your planner. Plan a special dinner for special events like this. You could also make up special events like the "half year anniversary of the first time you shared ice cream" or something like that. She will appreciate this gesture.

These are some of the ways you can treat your girl well. If you continue to do well for your girl, in time she will return the favor and treat you even better, you lucky son of a gun!!!


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