How To Treat a Man So That He Doesn't Cheat

Men will always be men. Have you heard this saying? Maybe many times already. That means that men have certain characteristics that no one can ever change-one of these is being a cheater. Although everyone has the tendency to be a cheater, it's men who have more tendencies to cheat. That saying is a clear proof of that.

But you don't have to sit there and wait for your man to cheat on you. There are certain things you can do so that he doesn't cheat. Here are the things you can do to keep help your man be and stay faithful:

  1. Respect. Do not do anything that will hurt your man's morale and dignity. Show your respect by listening when he's talking, avoiding nagging him at a public place or when his friends or your friends are around, and not ridiculing his beliefs. These are only some ways to show respect. As long as respect is there, expect that he will respect you, too, by not cheating.
  2. Express your love everyday. Although you argue sometimes, still, express your love for him everyday. Cook meals for him or make him a cup of coffee. Say "I love you," if necessary. Give him a hug or a kiss. Different people have different ways to express their affection. Do it your own way and a way your man will understand.
  3. Talk about what ifs. It may be sad to talk about the possibility of cheating. But it sure will help him imagine what will happen if he cheats. Of course, don't tell him you will welcome him with open arms when he cheats. Trust is one of the most important factors in successful and happy relationship. And if he cheated on you, that trust will be broken. It will be almost impossible to bring that trust back as pure as before.
  4. Do fun things together. Remember the first year you were together or how you met each other. Those memories will surely remind you of your love. Why don't you add some more sweet memories? Do the fun things you were doing together. Go on a vacation, conquer your fear together, or achieve one of your shared simple dreams. These will be memorable and will help you be happy with each other. It will be hard for a man to cheat on a woman who makes him happy.
  5. Don't accuse. It's easy to think that your man is already cheating. Do not argue with him just because of your baseless suspicion. Never start a quarrel without hard proofs. Your man might become annoyed of your suspicion that he might make it a reality.

Many men are faithful and will always strive to be faithful. If your man has been faithful to you for so many years, then there is no need to worry. However, there are men who are naturally unfaithful and cheaters. If your partner is like this, it's almost hopeless for change.

You can give your man a chance to show he has changed. But when he cheated on you twice or thrice, that's your cue to leave him and move on. You've already tried to be more than fair on him. You've already tried being a helpless fool just to understand him. It's time to keep your self-respect. With your patience, you surely deserve someone better.


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