How To Treat Postpartum Depression without Medication

Depression comes often in this stressful era. In our day-to-day living, we engage to works in which the same may be triggered. Depression comes from various sources of frustration and appears in various forms. It may make the patient apathetic or aggressive. Depression may also be due to the general medical condition, changes in hormones and/or inducement or intoxication of drugs. One form of depression comes after giving birth. It is medically identified as postpartum depression. Once the new mother suffers from depression, she may suffer signs or symptoms of insomnia, less desire for food or sex, the thought to hurt another-oneself or her baby, avoidance from people close to her, and problems of relationship with her newborn baby. If you are a new mother and are experiencing this, or if you know somebody who suffers the same, below are ways on how to treat it without any medication.

  • Have a light conversation with your spouse or a close friend. A light conversation is a good way to ease depression. Sometimes, what a person needs is to just release the feelings kept and hidden. This release can be done through small and light talks to someone whom the person truly trusts.
  • Breathe fresh air. Another good way to address postpartum depression to breathe fresh air, and expose her to sunlight for 15 to 30 minutes everyday. Have a walk with the baby if possible. Being contained at home or at a certain place is a condition that worsens depression. Walking would greatly help. Remember that depression is a serious condition, something that may damage relationships, not just to people around but also to yourself.
  • Avoid caffeine and sugar. Avoid taking coffee and sugar because certain ingredients in these just worsen postpartum depression.
  • Take enough rest. A mere rest coupled with worries and any other unfavorable thought is not a rest. In the same manner that a sleep that is not of good quality cannot be considered rest. Be sure that the amount and quality of rest is enough by avoiding negative thoughts and ideas.
  • Budget time well. Acknowledge that you have a limited time to sleep and then budget the time for your own wellness as well. For example, sleep when the baby is sleeping or have someone to baby sit as you take a good rest. Remember to always consider the health of both yourself and the baby. The health of both has to be weighed equally, that is, if the baby needs to be taken care off, so as the mother. This idea is something often neglected by most.
  • Maintain healthy peer relationship and use them as support group. It has always been known that peers are helpful in times of problems. It may not resolve the particular problem, but they could at least help you in carrying those burdens.
  • Avoid strenuous works. In this step, consider your physical state. Such strenuous work like doing the household chores is discouraged. This may aggravate the postpartum depression you are experiencing.

Problems, if not treated well, beget more problems. It may come in complexities or in various forms but they have their own solution. It may not be always available, but surely, there is a solution. The only thing left is to seek and enact such solution. You should remember that the mother's health condition is as equal as the newborn's.


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