How To Turn a Friendship into a Relationship

Can friends be lovers? Yes, certainly. And if you want to turn a friendship into a relationship, here are some tips that you might find useful:

  1. Know your friend very well. Even if you have been friends for years, there are still things that you may not know about her. Discover her inner self. Find out what her other interests are as well as her goals and ambitions in life.
  2. Try to be part of her daily routine. If you work in the same office, make sure you walk or drive her home. Visit her in her place and give her surprise presents like chocolates even when there is no particular occasion. She may frown and get puzzled with the attention but do not immediately divulge your attention. Just tell her you only wanted to make her day special.
  3. Be there always for her, especially when she is in need of someone to talk to. Even if you cannot be physically present when she is in a difficult situation, at least make her feel your support through emails and phone calls.
  4. Offer help when she needs it. Do not wait for her to ask you. You will know and feel when she really needs help, so be the first one to break the ice. Let her feel your sincerity in wanting to help and ease her situation.
  5. Join her and celebrate with her in her times of triumph. Did she recently have a promotion? Has she finished a project? Did she close a business deal with a client? Whatever it is that is worth celebrating, make it a point to show her that you feel happy for her achievements.
  6. Make her feel your presence all the time. Send her text messages to greet her in the morning and say good night in the evening. However do not overdo it. Leave some room for mystery and discovery. Do not pry on her private life either. If she confides to you, fine, just be there to listen but not intrude.
  7. Know her family. You may ask – how? Well, there will always be an occasion in which you will meet her family, especially if you see each other often. Be cordial and show respect to her family but avoid being too familiar or you might be regarded as fresh and presumptuous.
  8. Ask her out. Dine and see a movie. Take a stroll in the park and have a chat. However, no matter how strongly you feel for her at this point, never take advantage of the situation. And do not mistake her consent to go out with you as a sign that she likes to be in a relationship with you too. Wait for the right time. It will come if you will only be patient.
  9. After being friends for quite sometime, you may now tell her how you feel for her and that you want to be in a relationship with her. Wait for her answer. Do not force her or pressure her to consent.

If your friend tells you she only wants you to remain friends, respect her decision. It may not be the right time, or it might be that you are not meant for each other at all.


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