How To Turn a Girl On

You are probably asking why it is so hard to turn a girl on. Why can’t it be as easy as us? A girl can simply smile at us differently and our switches get flipped. It doesn’t take as much effort from them but it seems like we have to run to China and back for a girl to simply notice us.

If there was a way you can turn a girl on, would you do it? Of course you would. That is what we guys live for. Try it out and you will be amazed where things can lead. Here are some simple steps you can follow to turn a girl on. What you do with this knowledge is all up to you.

  1. Clean up after yourself. Women have many wants and needs but in most cases there is one sure-fire way to drive a woman away. Bad hygiene is sure to give her a bad impression of you. Make sure you are clean. Take a shower and brush your teeth everyday. Remember, it doesn’t mean that if a girl has long fingernails that you have to have long fingernails as well.
  2. First impressions. The old adage “First impressions last” really does hold water.  They say that the first three minutes will define your relationship; that may be a bit of an overstatement but it just makes sense to put your best foot forward. You can show your best by showing who you truly are. Show her what makes you “You.”  If you show her who you really are, then she can be more comfortable about you and feel free to get turned on by you.
  3. Talk to her. The strong silent type can only work for a certain number of days, week or even months. However, if you want to reach the point of her being turned on by you, you have to prepare yourself to talk. Conversation can help you assess the situation and show that you are after more than her body.
  4. Make her feel appreciated. By all means appreciate her. When you appreciate your woman, she will definitely appreciate you back. Make her feel beautiful by giving her compliments. A simple, “Hey, Gorgeous” or “nice dress” will do. In this case, less is even more. You don’t want to sound forced or over thought.
  5. Slow it down. As you feel her getting into it, you will get the urge to rush things. Stop yourself from jumping her. The longer you stop yourself, the more and more she is going to get turned on. Anticipation should drive her crazy for you.

Turning on your girl is very important because your great night is dependent on this. We might be overstating this, so here is one simple tip. Kiss her and show her how much she means to you and she’ll get turned on. Do all the other steps before this and an amazing night should unfold.


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