How To Turn Your "Girl-Friend" Into Your "Girlfriend"

You want to get romantic with a girl but haven't communicated your intentions to her. Most men express their feelings with words. Relaying your desires with actions, rather than words, goes a long way. Get sexual with the girl to convey how you feel, and you will get much better results.

Step 1

Begin by getting the girl in a good mood before you try to get romantic with her. Bring up a topic that you both enjoy. Discuss it with high energy so you both feel happy and excited.

For example start by exploring your favorite city to travel to. Discuss the memories you both have from your visit to this city. This will help you both feel good because you both will be thinking and sharing your happy memories.

Step 2

Then get her in a state of high energy by expressing your feelings aloud and with high energy. Try to establish some commonality. Say something like,"Oh my God I can't believe that you love Cancun as well! This is so awesome!"

At this point kiss her on one cheek and then on the other and finally a quick peck on her lips. You don't necessarily have to kiss her on the cheeks. You could simply kiss her on the lips. She should feel like you kissed her because the discussion got you all excited.

Step 3

You have now made your intentions clear by kissing her on the lips. If you see happy and pleasant expressions on her face, go for the second kiss. Make this one longer. Don't kiss on the cheeks this time. Instead go straight for her lips.

It is no big deal if she hesitates or backs off. Don't fight, argue or try to convince her to get in a relationship with you. Play it nice and say "it's cool, I understand". If you make things hard or uncomfortable you will never be able to get her.

Most of the time girls will think about what happened and come back to you in a few days.

Most girls will not vocalize their desire of getting involved in a romantic or sexual relationship with you. After they process what happened and are willing to get involved with you, they will send you subtle but obvious signals. Pay close attention to what they say or do. You do not want to miss these signals.

Step 4

Once you get a signal from her that she is ready for the relationship, use the "kiss test" to be sure. Look into her eyes longer than usual, brush your fingers on her arms, play with her hair or gently squeeze her hands. If she does not object to most of these, chances are she is ready to be in relationship with you.

If she complies, look into her eyes, lean forward and kiss her.

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