How To Understand Transgender Issues

A transgender issue is one of the things that people and social scientists alike still explore today. For most people, being a transgender is something that they cannot fully understand. Although some realize that transgender people are still "human beings" and they deserve to respect, some people still cannot seem to act normally around them. If you know a transgender and you want to support and understand his situation, the following information can help you understand transgender issues.

  • Know the definition of transgender. Understand that the term "transgender" is a broad concept that pertains to those individuals whose feelings, behavior and appearance does not match their inborn gender. This may include transsexual individuals who change their bodies, through medical operation, in order to match the appearance of the gender they want to be. This may also include those individuals who prefer not to undergo any medical operation but still believes that men and women do not necessarily have to conform to the stereotypes of masculinity and femininity.
  • Learn the difference between transgender and gays. Most people get the wrong idea that being a transgender and being a gay are typically the same. They are not. The difference between the two lies on the definition of sexual orientation and gender identity. Transgender pertains to gender identity. This means that transgender people are mainly concerned on the outward expression of who they are. On the other hand, being gay, lesbian and bisexual is mainly about whether a person is attracted to either women, men or both. Since everyone has his or her own sexual orientation and gender identity, transgender people may or may not be straight, bisexual, gay or lesbian.
  • Understand that the transgender transition can be a slow process. Transition is the process of adapting the life of the gender a person wants to be. You need to realize that it can take some time before the transition process is complete. The person might want to experiment and try new things like dressing up. When the transgender person is going through this phase, try to be supportive and do not act as if the whole situation is not normal. This might cause the transition process to take longer that it should have.
  • Understand the struggles transgender people might encounter. The law does not protect transgender people, especially when it comes to employment. Employers fire them just because of their identity. Rejection is also one of the things they have to deal with. Aside from family members, their friends and partners might reject transgender people. Medical care is also one issue that transgender people has to go through. Most health care providers mistreat them and deny them medical treatments. Transgender people also often experience harassment and violence, especially the youth.

These are some information that can help you understand transgender people. Ignorance about transgender people often causes discrimination. This discrimination will eventually leads to transgender people to stay away from other people. By understanding who they really are, you can help transgender people be more open to society.


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