How To Understand Wedding Rituals

Wedding are filled with traditions and customs, and many brides are told when planning a wedding, “this is how it’s done” without an explanation as to why it's done.  Fortunately, the majority of traditions and weddings rituals add elegance to a wedding.

  • One tradition that brides seem to enjoy is the use of the wedding bouquet. This ritual has changed over the years, but its basic idea is the same. At one time, people believed that spirits or demons could be driven away by the smell of a particular fragrance or herb. These spirits or demons were often attracted to happy events, such as weddings.  In order to drive them away, the bride would often hold a bouquet of herbs. In fact, the word bouquet comes from a combination of old French words meaning forest thicket.
  • When people throw rice at a wedding, they are really following a Pagan ritual of fertility.
  • Another interesting and loud wedding tradition is when guests tie cans to the bumper of the couple's car.  The idea is that loud noises drive away evil spirits or demons that are attracted by the happy occasion.


  • One tradition that leaves many a couple baffled is the idea that it's bad luck to see each other prior to the wedding. This ritual is rooted in the days when marriages where arranged, and the couple would often meet for the first time at the start of the ceremony. Since most marriages were arranged for profit, politics, or power, by keeping the bride and groom away from each other, couples were less likely to cause problems before the ceremony. Thus, “It is bad luck to see the bride before the wedding!”

Traditions are fun, but also adding personal touches to your wedding can make it a much more meaningful event. There are a number of ways a bride can personalize her wedding, from composing your vows, selecting special music for the ceremony, or even creating your own traditions by carrying a special piece of jewelry to pass on to the next generation.

Another way to include your guest in your wedding is to share the traditions used in your ceremony. One of the easiest ways is to provide a wedding program to guests and including some information on the rituals and traditions they will be seeing. Not only will it inform your guests, but also it will make a nice keepsake.


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