How To Understand What Men Look for in Women

For most men, beauty is not all that matters. Though lovers of beauty, men tend to look beyond women's physical attributes when searching for a girlfriend or lifetime partner. Use this guide to learn what men want in a woman.

Men generally like women who are independent minded. They prefer girlfriends who are less clingy and can drive themselves alone when going to work or shopping. Women with independent minds also maintain their own jobs and earn a living on their own. It also helps that they have their own circle of friends with whom they can go out for some fun.

Men also like women who are strong-willed, can speak for themselves and can stand up for their rights. Women who whine and complain and pressure their men to defend them all the time can be a big turn off.

It's the 21st century all right, but would you believe, men still have a preference for women who wait for men to invite them for date? Men normally want to pursue, not to be pursued. They like wooing women and they love the challenge when women keep them hanging and wanting. Men likewise get the thrills when women give flirtatious suggestions: droopy eyes, quivering lips and furtive glances albeit reserved.

Men also adore women who know how to carry themselves confidently. Good posture, manner of walking, and speech matter a lot to them.

Men are attracted to women who can converse well. An intelligent discourse over a cup of coffee or a few drinks can make men gravitate to women. It is called good chemistry, the right blend of their vibes and ideas.

Vanity is said to be a woman's right and men should understand that. But a self-centered and egoistic woman dampens a man's attention. Women who do nothing but chat about how they spent hours at the salon and their having to forever stick to a diet to maintain their hourglass figures make men puke.

Women who are supportive of their men's pursuits provide a sense of security. They don't have to literally walk three steps behind their men to show subservience.  The mere fact however that they are always backing up their men every step of the way is more than enough.

Men want to be babied and looked after. Even without admitting, men like to cuddle and be cuddled as well as enjoy being pampered by women with some tender and loving care.

Innovative women who try to grasp new and modern technology are gems to men. Being updated with the changing times makes women motivating and more appealing to men.

Most men like women who are ready for some action in bed. Men are always sexually charged and therefore the way women please them in the bedroom is no doubt very essential.

Lastly, men want their women to have positive outlook in life. No way for women who always complain about how cruel life can be. Men generally want to draw strength from women therefore optimistic women are winners in their hearts.


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