How To Use a Digital Baby Monitor

Stay-at-home mothers of newborn babies need to be ultra careful! Besides playing the part of a housewife, cleaning the house and cooking for the family, the most important task is to keep a close watch on the newborn baby. This may not be an easy thing to do, but thankfully, technology has given us a digital baby monitor - a blessing in disguise to make a mother’s life much simpler. This article gives you more information on the advantages of using a digital baby monitor.

What is a digital baby monitor?

A digital baby monitor is a gadget that helps you to remotely listen to any sounds made by your baby. In other words, these gadgets help you by providing an extra ear and extra eye! They are also known as baby alarms.  

How does it work?

The transmitter is plugged alone with a microphone 10 feet away from the baby’s crib. The distance and clarity of sound differs from product to product. The receiver can be carried around the house so you can complete any pending tasks such as cooking, cleaning, watching television, and so on while your baby is asleep.


Digital baby monitors have better sound quality in comparison to analog baby monitors. The reception is very clear and they can be also used as video monitors. They provide secure frequency without any disturbance as compared to analog baby monitors which can pick up transmissions from other sources, if on the same frequency. Analog monitors are short-ranged while digital monitors give you an extended range to move around your house and the yard! Some digital monitors come with night vision, although you may end up paying a little more.


Video: Similar to the webcam technology used in computers, video baby monitors help you to keep an eye literally while your baby sleeps! With the current advanced technology, you can connect via the Internet while you are in the office to get the latest updates on your baby!

Audio: The basic models only transmit the sound of your baby to a speaker you can set up anywhere in the house. Some advanced features include talking back to your baby and not just listening; you can also use commands to play music to hush your baby back to sleep.

Both these types of baby monitors can be wireless or wired. The wireless baby monitors allow you to move around the house, unlike the wired ones. 

Best models to consider

  • Long distance 900 MHz baby monitor: more range and frequency
  • Summer infant video monitor or safety 1st: video monitors
  • Angelcare movement sensor: monitors baby movements every 20 seconds
  • Philips SCD 589 DECT: works well for houses with a lot of electronics
  • Graco iMonitor or Sony babycall NTM-910: basic features at a value price

Last but not least, always test your chosen baby monitor for its features before you buy, rather than assuming it will work - you don't want to be disappointed!


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