How To Use a Moses Basket

A lovely way to keep your baby warm and cozy is laying her in a Moses basket. It is an oblong shaped basket with handles usually made of woven straw. This beautifully crafted baby basket was patterned after the baby basket made of reeds that the infant Moses rode along the river Nile.

Adorable beddings are placed inside the Moses basket for the baby’s comfort. Some come with a stand so it can function much like a bassinet. Depending on the quality and the brand, you can find inexpensive to very pricey Moses baskets. There are heirlooms that have been handed down from generation to generation. It is a great gift to give and a great gift to receive.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you have one for your little angel.

  1. Place beddings in the Moses basket. Most already come with padded bottoms that fit nicely according to the shape of the basket. If there is none, choose a nice, soft and hypoallergenic blanket for the bottom of the Moses basket. Fold it and lay it down nice and snug. Make sure it doesn’t bunch up on the sides or underneath.
  2. Use a receiving blanket to swaddle your baby in. On a flat surface, layout a receiving blanket. It should be in a diamond shape. Take the top corner and fold it down just enough for her head. Gently put your baby on the blanket. Her head should be on top of the folded part of the receiving blanket. Take one side of the blanket and wrap your baby with it. Tuck the end under your baby’s back. Next, take the bottom part of the blanket and fold it towards your baby. Cover her up to her chest. Finally, wrap and tuck the other side of the receiving blanket around your baby. Gently put your baby down in the center of the Moses basket.
  3. Hold the two handles with one hand. The other hand should be placed under the basket for support. This is the proper way of carrying the basket should you need to move it while the baby is inside. Otherwise, don’t get into the habit of using it as a carrier especially when the baby is a little heavier.
  4. Situate the Moses basket on a flat surface. Never on the couch or chairs. Don’t place it on the stair case, beside doors, below curtains or where pets can reach it. Place it only on top of a table if and only if your eyes are glued to the basket the whole time. Otherwise, just place the basket on floor (which should be nice and clean).


  • Once the baby can sit up or does not fit the basket anymore, cease using the basket. You can always keep it for the next baby or hand it down to your daughter or daughter-in-law. Otherwise, the Moses basket can function as a, well, basket to hold things in (especially in the Nursery).
  • When buying a Moses basket, you may want to choose one with a stand or raised holder. This is ideal if you have pets around.

A Moses basket is a romantic place to keep your baby in when she is quietly resting. This woven basket, first introduced in the Bible, comes in different sizes. You can use the beddings that came with the basket or purchase, and even make your own. When using the basket, utmost care and supervision is necessary. Always keep your eye on your baby to ensure her safety and well being.


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