How To Use Floral Foam to Arrange Bridal Bouquets

Arranging and preparing a bridal bouquet for your wedding day is not that difficult and you can do it a day prior to the ceremony. You may be wondering how this can be done since flowers dry up and wilt. Well, yes, but with water-soaked floral foam and refrigeration, you can lengthen the life of the flowers. Obviously, many bridal bouquets are made without floral foam, but many people have found that it is useful and outright practical to do so. The effect is the same anyways. Here are some steps on how to arrange your bridal bouquet with floral foam.

  • Buy a pre-made floral foam bouquet holder. The first step would be for you to purchase a pre-made bouquet holder with floral foam where you can insert and arrange the flowers on. Most wedding shops and florists will have these in stock and purchasing these along with the flowers can be a time saver.
  • Keep your flower hydrated. While preparing the floral foam, it would be good if you can keep the flowers hydrated and healthy. Place them in a vase with water. This will prevent it from wilting. Once in awhile, sprinkle some water on the actual buds.
  • Soak the foam in water. Get a container full of water and drop the bridal bouquet holder into it. This may float for awhile due to the air inside the floral foam. However, it will slowly sink to the bottom. When this happens, it means that the air has been replaced by water and the floral foam has been soaked enough. Remove the bridal bouquet and dry the handle with a towel.
  • Arrange the flowers. Once the foam is soaked with water, get the vase full of flowers and start cutting the stems. Make sure to cut the stems in an angle for easier insertion into the foam. Start at the top of the foam working your way to the sides. It is always recommended to insert the large flowers first such as roses or tulips. Baby’s breath and fillers should follow next. Make sure to fill in all the gaps and holes that can make the foam underneath visible.
  • Decorate the bouquet handle. Once the foam is filled with flowers and is not visible anymore, then the next step is to decorate the plastic or metal handle of the bouquet. Wrapping it in a nice ribbon should suffice however; you can make the design more intricate. Either way, make sure that the ribbons used in line with the color theme. Pure white mixed with the accent color chosen for the wedding that may be featured in the bridesmaid’s dresses would be a good option.

Once the decorations and the finishing touches are done, you can store the bridal bouquet inside a refrigerator. This will make it hydrated prior to the ceremony because of the moisture inside the fridge and the moisture of the floral foam. Repeat the same processes for the bouquets your bridesmaids will be holding as well.


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