How To Use Parental Control Channel Locks

Parental guidance in television viewing is a responsibility of the parents. As a parent, you might consider the harmful effects of uninhibited violence and promiscuous sexuality in the cable programs. Children in their growing years may adopt these manners as norms in society. Responsible parents are sensitive to the amount of mature content the children are exposed to. A remote control in the hands of a child has become a source of contention at home. You might consider getting some coordination with your local cable company.

There is substantial information regarding channel locks in their brochures. To deal with this problem, cable networks have an Adult Guard feature that gives you the means to conceal adult channels from your usual programming guide. With this concealing feature, it restricts any young children to access or view adult or mature-content. Explicit scenes and language are harmful to children and might affect their behavior in later years.

You might consider restricting the young family members from viewing programs that feature certain ratings such as PG 13, R, NC-17, certain expanded ratings that shows nudity and violence, certain channels such as HBO and ESPN. In the lock activation, the system will require a 4-digit PIN number that you create to access any program that contains ratings which you have locked out from other viewers.

The manual or brochure regarding the Parental Lock feature may be included with your subscription. In the activation of a parental lock, press the menu button on your remote control. Choose the Locks option, then the Channel Locks option. Check the specific channel number you want to lock out from the family members of your household. Once you have set the channel locks, you might need to lock the channel lock with another lock to avoid access to the locking options. This is the System Lock. This lock controls the access to the entire programming guide system. These locks can be activated and deactivated using a 4-digit password.

To activate channel locks, select MENU on your control and highlight LOCKS. Activate the combination fitting for your household. When the selection has been made, a password will be required for added security. This gives you the assurance that you have definite control over the programming according to your likes and dislikes.

For the client’s convenience, you can approve which channels are being watched. With satellite receivers, you can gain total control by turning the on or off specific channels inappropriate for young viewers. Based on Motion Picture Association of America ratings, you have the option to censor programs of expanded ratings such as violence, language, nudity and sexual content.

For total control, you can prevent any member of your household from watching uninhibited channels unless they know the password.  You can secure the selected channel, which includes adult movies channels, Pay-Per-view and other unrated channels.

You are capable of confining certain programs and channels established on password protection.  The specific rates of the channel based on the MPAA ratings is a reliable way to filter or lock out the channel in relation to the general audience.


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