How To Use Pheromone Oil to Attract Men

For single ladies, it is hard to find the right love with the right man. Sure you can try to go out in clubs and bars and look your best but what does it hurt to enlist the help of some enhancements to make things go your way. There is an oil called Pheromone that is proven to be a good assistance in attracting the opposite sex. It is known to have an overpowering scent that is mainly used for seduction purposes. It is almost telepathic and arouses the male by the scent the Pheromone oil is emitting from the important pulse points in your body. You should understand though, that Pheromone oil only aides you in your conquest for the right man. Since the scent is not naturally yours, you should be aware that you may only end up having sex but do not dismiss the possibility that you may find that long term relationship too. Here is how to use Pheromone oil to attract the man of your dreams:

  • Buy the Pheromone oil from a store that sells these kinds of oil. There are some that sell them online. Once you got your Pheromone oil, try to go “scentless” or “odorless.” What this means is to not to use too much fragrance on your body and clothing that it may hide the scent of the Pheromone oil. If you should use perfume, use only one fragrance and refrain from using heavily perfumed clothing conditioners or fabric conditioners and laundry detergents.
  • Be sure you know where to apply the Pheromone oil or perfume on your body. These “points” should be at the pulse points like on your wrists, behind your ears and the back of your knees. Remember to dab sparingly and do not bathe yourself in Pheromone oil. If you put some at the back of your knees, there is no need to put some on the folds of your arms. Dab the Pheromone oil in one of those two locations at a time only.
  • Of course your appearance will enhance your over-all aura. Make sure you are presentable and you know how to be around people. Even though you are wearing Pheromone oil, you still need to brush up with those people skills and conversation skills to help you get the right man. If you are not a naturally born conversationalist, take short courses of how to converse with people to give your people skills a boost. Just remember to make sure you are comfortable speaking with a guy before taking any step further. Your safety should always come first.
  • Find a crowd that looks interesting. Clubs and bars are filled with single men. You can go to these places and put that Pheromone oil to work. Do not expect to have the Pheromone oil to work by itself, you have to work for it too. Your body language should work to your advantage. Sit down casually crossed legs with your toes discreetly pointing towards the guy to signal him that he can talk to you.

Always remember that the wonders of these “attraction” oil works only to stimulate the sexual senses. You might not be naturally attracted to a guy even if he is handsome. Let your instinct work its way to find the guy of your preference, it may be the start of a good relationship.


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