How To Use Tulle for a Wedding

If you are looking for a romantic material to use as decoration for a wedding go for tulle. It’s an inexpensive way to add some drama to the occasion. Tulle is semi-sheer and easy to cut, tie, wrap around and combine with other objects. You can buy tulle in textile or craft stores and other different places.

Here are some ideas on how you can use tulle for any wedding.

  • Decorate the outer edges of seats/pews for family and guests with swags of tulle. Simply tie the tulle beginning at the first seat or pew and create a swag by draping the tulle then tie it to the next seat/pew. You can use a ribbon to secure the tulle to the seat. Move down the line of seats creating swags and tying them until you get to the end. To make the setting more romantic, add flowers where the tulle is tied to the seat.
  • Use the tulle as you would a ribbon and tie it to the candelabra found on or near the altar. Add a very small arrangement of flowers to give it a soft look.
  • Decorate the reception tables with tulle. Depending on the design of your centerpiece, you can make a bow with several loops of tulle. Once you have a fluffy bow, attach this to a stick and insert it into the flower centerpiece. You can also wrap the bottom of the centerpiece holder with the tulle.
  • Tie tulle to the dining room chairs. Create tulle ribbons and attach it to the chairs. Use a color that will match the theme of the wedding. Again, place a small bunch of flowers as accent on the tulle.
  • Decorate the wedding cake table with tulle. Instead of placing the wedding cake directly on the table, first put a block of wood or anything else that can hold the weight of the cake. This serves as a stand. Height should about 3 – 4 inches. Next, place several yards of tulle around the stand to create a soft look. Place the cake on top of the stand. To make it look dreamier you can place a series of small lights under the tulle to illuminate it for that ethereal effect.
  • Cut several yards of tulle and use them to decorate the buffet tables as swags or bows.
  • Make a balloon arbor and incorporate the tulle into the design.
  • Drape several yards of tulle in different areas of the reception room.
  • Use tulle to decorate the wedding tokens or giveaways. Depending on what the token is, you can use cream colored tulle to wrap them and secure it with a ribbon matching the color scheme for the wedding. Or you can create small ribbons out of tulle as decorations on the tokens.
  • Place a long train of tulle at the back of the wedding couple’s car. You can make a big bow out of the tulle and tie it to the trunk. Attach empty cans to the train to make some noise.

There are many different ways to use tulle for any wedding. What you need to remember is not to over use this material. If you already used it to decorate the tables and chairs in the reception, then don’t drape yards of the tulle all over the place. Used sparingly, creatively and tastefully, tulle can be a great inexpensive way to spruce up the wedding area or reception.


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