How To Warm Baby Wipes

If you have a new baby at home, you would certainly want to give him the best care possible. And considering that baby’s skin is ultra-sensitive, you might want to pamper him with care specially during diaper changes. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure that the baby wipes you use on his body is always comfortably warm. Here are some of the best tips to remember if you want to know how to warm your baby wipes:

  • Purchase specialized baby wipe warmers. If you have the budget for it, the easiest way is to purchase baby wipe warmers that are specially made for the purpose of – surprise – warming your baby wipes! When choosing the particular brand that you will buy, consider the following factors: how many baby wipes it could contain at a time (and whether it could accommodate different sizes); how easy it is to access the baby wipe from the container; and whether there’s a way for you to check the amount of baby wipe that’s still inside even without having to open the lid. You should also check to see if it has no-browning features; some wipe warmers also have anti-microbial features, and some are slim and compact, for travel.
  • Use a blow dryer. If you don’t have the budget for baby wipe warmers (which typically cost about $20), know that you could also warm up the baby wipe through easy solutions: one of them is simply through using a blow dryer. Just place the baby wipe in front of the dryer for a few seconds, and then test its temperature on the inside of your wrist to see if it’s just warm enough for your baby.
  • Warm them up with your hands. Another easy way is by simply using the warmth of your hands to heat up the wipes. Make sure that your hands are clean, and then press the wipes to your hands for a few seconds.
  • Use cloth wipes instead. An alternative solution is to use cloth wipes instead of baby wipes: they’re easy to warm up, and it will help you do your part in saving the environment as well. To warm up cloth wipes, simply immerse the cloth in warm water for a few seconds, and then wring it dry before placing it near your baby’s skin. Do be very sure that the temperature of the water is just right and not too hot.
  • Make your own baby wipes. You could make your own baby wipes (click here for instructions) and then place them inside a glass jar instead of the regular container. To warm them up, simply immerse the jar in hot water (make sure that the jar is tightly covered) for a few seconds, and then lift it up, and use.

Remember, resourcefulness is something that could be honed, and if you were a new mom you’d find that there are many easy and budget-friendly solutions that you could think of in order to make your baby more comfortable and pampered. Good luck, and hope this helped! 


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