How To Wear Gloves During Your Wedding

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Gloves are a classic accessory that may be worn by brides on their wedding day. These elegant accessories are available in a wide range of lengths, fabrics, and styles, to suit any personality and wedding gown. Here's how to wear gloves during your wedding:

  1. Choose the length. Glove lengths vary anywhere from your wrist to over your elbow. Formal gloves are measured by the number of buttons. 1-button gloves are wrist length, 6-button gloves end just below the elbow, 8 button gloves reach the elbow, and 16-button gloves, which are known as opera gloves, extend to the upper arm. Generally, longer gloves are best with sleeveless or strapless gowns, while shorter gloves should be worn with dresses that have slightly longer sleeves. You may also opt for shorter gloves during daytime weddings and longer gloves for evening ceremonies. Those that end just before the elbow are the most versatile.
  2. Match the style to your dress. Your gloves should complement your gown, and should never overwhelm it. Pair simple gloves with a fancy dress, or slightly more embellished gloves with a simple dress. If your dress is ivory, wear ivory gloves. If it is stark white, wear white gloves. If you can, get the gloves from the same place you purchase the dress, so that they match exactly. While many pairs of formal gloves are rather plain, some have rhinestones, embroidery, or other detailing that can be matched to your dress.
  3. Consider the ceremony. Don't forget about the ring exchange during your wedding ceremony. If you choose to wear gloves during your wedding, slit the seam of the glove at the underside of the ring finger. This will not show when you have the gloves on, but it allows you to slip your finger out of the glove to place the ring on your finger. Some bridal gloves come with this slit already made. You may also choose to remove your gloves for the ceremony, although many brides feel that this defeats the purpose of wearing them. If your ring fits over the glove, you can also opt to leave your gloves on for the entirety of the ceremony, including the ring exchange.
  4. Removing the gloves. Don't try to remove a long glove during the ceremony itself, as this will be distracting and won't look elegant. You may want to practice glove removal before your wedding day, or try to remove them while no one is watching you intently.
  5. Glove etiquette during the reception. Your gloves should be removed while you eat and drink at the reception. You may want to put them back on for photographs of cutting the cake.
  6. Consider gloves for the bridesmaids. If you choose to wear gloves on your wedding day, consider asking the bridesmaids to wear gloves as well. If they do, they should all be matching, although their gloves do not necessarily need to mach the bride's.

The tradition of wearing gloves to a wedding is currently becoming more popular. Although glove length once indicated the formality of the occasion, today the length of the glove can be chosen according to your tastes. Gloves make a beautiful formal accessory to wear with your wedding gown.


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