How To Woo a Girl

Some guys seem to always get the girls. If you have a girl you want to woo, there are steps you can take to attract her interest. Follow these steps and you will be able to begin to woo the girl.

  1. Take care of your personal hygiene. Even girls who like their guys on the rough-looking side want them to be clean. Make sure you shower and freshen your breath before encounters with the girl you have your eye on.
  2. Get to know the girl. All girls are different so there is no set pattern to wooing a girl. Find out what the girl you are interested in likes, how she spends her free time and who her friends are. If possible, get to know the girl before deciding to pursue her. Don’t just pursue someone based upon looks or you may be disappointed when you catch her.
  3. Put your best foot forward. You have something to offer this girl, whether it is common interests, gentlemanly behavior or an understanding shoulder. Whatever your best qualities are, make sure they are visible to the girl of your dreams.
  4. Happy couple enjoying outdoor momentPlan for nights out. Don’t just say, “Do you wanna go out?” and then assume your work is done. Plan the evening so that the girl feels special. Consider a movie that focuses on one of her interests or choose a restaurant that serves her favorite meal. Try a simple picnic for the casual type or a sophisticated art gallery for the classy girl. Personalize the evening to suit her tastes when you can.
  5. Listen when she talks. Not all women are talkers, but they are people and the only way to truly get to know them is to listen. When she talks about her family, friends, work, school or whatever it is that is on her mind, pay attention. Let her know you were listening by asking follow-up questions or paraphrasing back to her what she said.
  6. Try the traditional path. Wooing is a traditional term similar to courting or romancing. If your plan is to entice the girl through wooing, then you need to follow a traditional path. This means showing her courtesy and respect. It also means opening doors, paying for dates when you ask her out and bringing flowers or a similar token when picking her up.
  7. Tell her what you are looking for. In the modern age of blurred gender roles and complicated mating rituals, it is just as difficult for girls to know the rules as it is for guys. You cannot assume that she knows you are interested in a relationship. Be upfront about what you want so there is little chance for misunderstanding on either of your parts.

If you have your eye on a girl and are interested in wooing her, there are some things you should remember. Personalize the wooing to the individual girl and be upfront in your desires whenever you can.


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