How To Word Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Rehearsals are held to give the groom and the bride an opportunity to practice their wedding ceremony. After the ceremony rehearsals, dinner rehearsals are conducted. This will help the guest know the transition of events at the dinner ceremony.

Here are some things to remember when wording rehearsal dinner invitations.

  • Know the list of the invited persons for the dinner. It is very common for an invitation to include anyone who will join the wedding ceremony; from groomsmen and bridesmaids to the guestbook attendant and officiant. Also the families of both bride and groom are invited. If the couple invites out of town friends and relatives for the ceremony, check their locations first and know the cost of delivery of invitations.
  • In the invitation card, include the name of the one who hosts the dinner. You can start by doing this, "Greetings! Mr. and Mrs. Johnson are inviting your company for a rehearsal dinner to celebrate Johnny and Jenny's wedding." Try to be friendly in the introductory remark.
  • Write the important details on the invitation. Include the date and time on the invitation. Also pick an invitation card that suits the theme of the rehearsal dinner. This will give the guests ideas about the theme of the dinner. Also mention on your invitation that it is just a rehearsal dinner and why the party is being held. Set a starting time so the participants know the exact time of the dinner.
  • Also, in the invitation, include the place where you will conduct the rehearsal dinner. Write the complete address so the guest will not be confused on the location. Example, "The rehearsal wedding will be conducted at 7:00 o clock p.m. at St. Peters Church and will be followed with a dinner at Mandalay Bay hotel, Las Vegas Nevada at approximately 9:00 p.m."
  • Use some words that can catch the attention of the readers for them to come to the rehearsal. These quotes, especially romantic ones, help a lot because the invitation will capture the hearts of the guests. There are list of good quotes from the internet. Just browse and look for an appropriate quote that you will use for the rehearsal dinner.
  • On the invitation, also include the proper attire that the guest should wear. If the rehearsal dinner is formal, then include it on the invitation. If the dinner has a theme, write the theme of the dinner for them to come up with a costume. You can also write to wear casual if you will hold the dinner in a restaurant.
  • On the invitation folder, include a map of the location. If some of your guests will use a car to get to the event, write specific directions on how to get there. You can use the Internet and get the map of your location and print it. Distribute the printed map to your guest.
  • You can either create your invitation yourself or use the computer and online services. Hand made invitations looks beautiful because the guest will think that you devoted your time doing these. If you don't have the time to write it down, use a computer to print out invitations. You can also use a stationery shop to create your invitations.    

Inviting guest to the event will be hard if you don't use invitation cards. The invitation will be the means for the guest to know the pre wedding ceremony as well as the rehearsal dinner.


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