How To Wrap Wedding Bouquet Roses

People today are becoming thriftier, and try to make the most of their resources. This is especially true when a couple plans to go down the aisle. They will certainly burn lots of money for the big event, from the wedding cake, to wedding gown, invitations, reception and many more. It is wise to do some of the things that you can do yourself so that you can save at least half of the expenses. One area where you can save is with your wedding bouquet. You can wrap your own wedding bouquet rose in whatever way you like without spending too much. Here are some steps.

  • Buy the materials that you will need - You will need some floral wires and tape, ribbons, lace, pins and the wrap. You will not need to purchase rolls of these. You can buy from retailers to save money.
  • Prepare the roses - It is important to prepare the flowers that you will use so that it will not wither easily. Remove the foliage, damaged petals and thorns from the flowers .Cut the stem if the flower using a cutter (or a knife). Be sure to submerge the flower in a bucket of water while you are cutting the flower, then set this aside in a separate bucket of water ready for wrapping.
  • Arrange the Roses - Be sure that you have a plan to follow so that you will finish quickly. Arrange the roses a stem at a time at an even height to create a dome. Then you can arrange others one after the other around the flowers at the center. You can do other shapes too. Just be sure that the bouquet that you will be making will perfectly fit your hands. Place the baby's breath flowers last as an ornament for your roses.
  • Binding your flowers - Bind the flower stems together with the use of your floral tape or wire. This is to ensure that no flower will fall off from your bouquet. Bind the steps starting four inches below the buds until the end of the stems. You can even attach some additional buds with the use of pins so that you will not need to include a whole flower stem. Then cut the end of the stems at the same length or at your desired length and dry the flowers in preparation for wrapping.
  • Wrapping the flowers - Cover the bundled stems of your flowers with the use of a ribbon that you desire.  Start at the top of the stem and working spirally towards the bottom.  You can wrap it with lace also to add decor to your wedding bouquet. Wrap the bouquet with unused newspaper or tissue to preserve the freshness of your bouquet. Then keep it in the refrigerator ready for the big day.

Wrapping your own bridal bouquet will not only make it less expensive but will be a good way to make it personalized and with sentimental value. You can even start out a business if you see that your creation will attract the attention of others and may need to buy rolls of wires, tapes and other essentials.


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