How To Write a Good Love Letter

Nothing melts the heart more than a genuine love letter. They’re a personal way of telling your sweetheart just how much they mean to you. And each time you write a love letter, your relationship grows that much stronger. If you’re planning to write a love letter but not sure where to start, don’t fret. Just follow these easy steps and you’ll end up with a personalized love letter for the love of your life.

Step 1

Find some nice paper.  In this age of technology where nothing is handwritten anymore, a beautiful handwritten letter is a surprising treat. Don't just pour your feelings onto plain old lined paper though - find some beautiful stationary or personalize some blank paper for your love. A stationary store usually has a great selection. The look of your love letter is just as important as the content, and your sweetheart will be amazed that you took care to write on such lovely paper.

Step 2

The opening line. Start off your letter by addressing your sweetheart as "My dearest _________," or "To the love of my life, ____________". This knocks the socks off of its substitute, "Dear ________", and makes for a much more romantic opening to your love letter.

Step 3

Express yourself. This is going to be the bulk of the letter, but you want to make sure not to overdo it here. Express your love for your sweetheart, tell them what they mean to you and tell them why you can't live without them. You don't want to sound desperate here, so try to stick to more of an ‘adoring' tone when you write a love letter. You want to sound like their biggest fan without seeming obsessed. Tell them what they remind you of and use lots of descriptive words. Use passionate verbs and lots of details. And tiny little specifics that only you and your loved one will know about will indeed capture the heart of your sweetheart as they read, so don't leave these out. Remind them of the good times you've spent together and how you wish for a hundred years more together. Romantic ideas are okay in a love letter, as long as they truly express how you're feeling. The point is to be honest, deep and sincere as you write a love letter. Your sweetheart will sense this and will certainly want to show you just how much they love you, too.

Step 4

Wait a day. As much as you'd probably like to rush off and deliver the letter, it's usually good to let the feelings simmer for at least a day. Come back to the letter after you've spent some time away from it to make sure that it still sounds appropriate for your sweetheart. You may want to make a few changes, which is fine. Just remember that the final copy must be handwritten. No exceptions.

Once you’ve gone through these steps of how to write a love letter, you’ll have a heartfelt piece of writing that you’ll be anxious to hand over to your loved one. A great love letter is full of appreciation and admiration and will leave your sweetheart anxiously awaiting the next handwritten love letter from you.


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