How To Write a Headline for Your Online Dating Ad

Sometimes a screen name is not enough to get attention to yourself in a dating site. You may wonder how come some people get all the attention of the singles ladies/men when you have an awesome description of yourself in your profile. Some sites allow the users to use headline. Headline is a catchy phrase to describe yourself in just a few words and get people to be interested in you. If you are good at making catchy headlines, then you can easily pull this off. Otherwise, you may overdo it and sound corny, or it is so simple that no one will take a second look at it.

Read on to get ideas on how to make a headline that will surely make your online dating ad one of the favorites.

  • Think of what type of people you want to attract. For sure you do not want to attract the whole crowd of single ladies or men out there, just those who fit your standards. But do not create standards that are too far beyond your reach. Set your “reachable” standards and mix it with what you are, and then make a headline out of it.
  • Headline should be brief, simple and funny. Nobody wants to read a headline that is too long and boring. Most of the time, the best headlines are short and have humor in it. Just do not overdo it. Some people try so hard to make headlines funny they end up being not funny at all.
  • Use the first few words of your profile essay to generate a headline. Some sites already do this; however, beware about how they cut off your sentence because this could be embarrassing for you. For example, your essay started with, “I’m a movie buff. I have a huge collection of VCDs and DVDs” and then it becomes, “I’m a movie buff. I have a huge”. Huge what? It may pass as a funny kind of thing but also a bit embarrassing, don’t you think? Nevertheless, you can capture the crowd’s attention with this (although not exactly the conservative crowd if that is the kind you want). Do not wait for the website to shorten your lines for you. Do it yourself.
  • Try capturing someone else’s headline. But only if it suits you well and it is a funny one. Otherwise, the person whom you copied it from may find it insulting. Good thing though, plagiarism is legal in online dating, so no worries about him/her suing you.
  • Capture a quote from one of your favorite author, poet or artist. It does not have to be humorous- just interesting enough to start a conversation. That should be a good start.
  • Use a TV ad slogan that somehow describes you. Commercials are good icebreakers and a good conversation starter.

You can ask your friends’ advice on what to put as a headline, especially if your humor is not that good. Or you can let them hear some of your ideas and allow them to take a vote on which sounds great. That way, you can be sure you do not post something corny or boring.


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