How To Write a Parenting Book

There is no job in the world like parenting. It is a vocation that lasts a lifetime. Parents nowadays have to deal with a lot of issues regarding the raising of their children. There are more temptations in a child's life now compared to previous generations. Parents sometimes don't know what to do and often rely on help. A parenting book is a great help. It is a rich source of information about the dos and don'ts of child rearing.

More writers should start writing parenting books. It's a very dynamic field and some areas are still unknown. It is also a very lucrative industry especially if you're a housewife who wants to earn money while taking care of the kids. If you have the knack for writing, why don't you explore it? Most often, writers base their writings on their personal experiences. They could also place themselves in the parents' shoes. But what is a good way to start writing parenting books?

To start with, you have to know your target market. Since there are many stages in your kid's life, you can select one that you're very good at. The popular choices are about taking care of infants, managing adolescents or about kids' study habits. The possibilities are endless.

Now that you've narrowed your choice of topic, you can begin to scour for materials for your write-ups. The Internet is a great choice for starters. There is a vast range of information found on the web. Research extensively on the topic and always be updated about it. You could also join forums to get other parents' perspectives or points of view. The ideas will usually come anytime so it is best write them all down. Keep a notebook handy so that you won't lose your train of thought. As the material grows, you can begin to index it into sub topics. Under each sub topic, you can organize the data you have researched.

During your free time, you can begin to write. You can do this while the kids are playing or watching TV. Having a regular schedule for writing will speed up the process. Once you have enough for a book, you can start editing and proofreading. The manuscript should be presented in a refreshing, but concise way. A different view from the norm can make your book sell better. The more unconventional, the better the response will be. But make sure that everything is accurate to the letter and it should be unique. Plagiarism is a big no-no.          

Once the book is ready, you can start looking for publishers who are willing to print it. You can start passing your manuscripts to different publishing companies. If you don't get any positive response, don't give up. You might also want to pass similar articles to parenting magazines first to gain more experience as a writer.

The literary world is ever expanding and you never know when you might strike it big. Just continue honing your craft and the big opportunity may come when you least expect it.


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