How To Write About Yourself for Online Dating

Online dating sites require you to write a personal profile.  Unfortunately, not everyone is good at writing.  And even some who are writers may have a difficult time writing something about themselves.  Describing yourself on an online dating site is like selling yourself to potential dates.  Online personal ads and profiles are not as simple to do as some think.  It requires some thought.

Most online profiles contain one word descriptions or short descriptive phrases like “I am easy to talk to, athletic and honest.”  Others are littered with their favorite shows, hobbies, likes and dislikes.  Some even go the low road by writing inappropriate things like “I love to give and get sensuous massages and ….”  Granted, self descriptive words and phrases as well as favorites, hobbies and interests are okay; still, you’d want your online dating profile to contain more meat than that.

In your profile, you want the real you to come across.  Potential dates should have a glimpse of your personality.  With a well-written profile, hopefully, you will be able to attract the kind of people you really want to date.  Below are tips on how to write about yourself for online dating.

  • Be clear and concise, but not boring or arrogant.  When writing your profile, you don’t want to bore a potential date.  No need for flowery words either; just state things as short as possible but inject a little humor into it.  You don’t want to sound mechanical or go on and one about yourself.  Arrogance is also a turn off.  Don’t go bragging about every little thing you own or have done in the past and in the present.
  • Give potential dates a window to your past.  Tell them something about the schools you are affiliated with.  Mention the different jobs that you have done.  Talk about what you want to achieve in the future.  Make sure you only give them a window and not let them in the door.  They don’t need all the details, which can come when you are already on your date.
  • Be honest.  This is not the time to make up stories and to exaggerate.  If you do, this is not a good foundation for a possible meaningful relationship.  If you were divorced, several times married or have children, these are important for the potential dates to know.  Nothing is more awkward than being on a date with someone who actually does not like to date a man with three children.
  • Mention your passions.  Write about what keeps you interested in life.  It may be a passion for sampling different cuisines and making them, working with animal rescue groups, volunteering in soup kitchens, spending time with abandoned kids and more.
  • Describe what you are looking for.  Your profile should mention what kind of relationship you are interested in at the moment.  Write down the type of person you want to date.  This is important because it can already weed out individuals who don’t fit the bill.

Your written dating profile should contain what you want others to know the first time they meet you.  It should be casual but interesting.  Make it light and fun but be honest at the same time.  Once you have your first draft, make sure to read it for errors in grammar, spelling as well as content!  After all, you want to make a great first written impression.


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