How To Live with an Active Toddler

You will notice that as a toddler, your child is growing a lot faster and getting more active. Kids differ as they grow up, some may be more active than other children, and it's just the same as having different families.

Parenting is not something etched in stone. Use your personal knowledge about your child in choosing the best approach to manage your child's behavior.

First, you need to understand the "Why?" There are several factors that can affect a child's behavior.

1. Is he nursing an illness or just merely exhausted? Children tend to throw up tantrums when they are not feeling well.

2. Is he seeking your attention? Remember that your kids need a lot of love and attention, make sure to spend some time to play with them. Buying them expensive toys cannot make up for your absence. They need your presence.

3. Is he Jealous? Sometimes the birth of another child can bring a change in behavior.

4. Or is he's just simply an active child? Accept it, your toddler is learning a lot of new things and more often than not, he wants to discover new things on his own.

Once you have established the answer to the above mentioned questions, you can now apply the best approach that you feel will work.

1. First you need to start with a child-safe home. Your toddler is discovering how things work around them, and you should provide a safe and sound environment for them to explore.

  • Place childproof covers on electrical outlets.
  • To prevent them from climbing out, doors and windows should be kept locked.
  • Sharp utensils, any chemical compounds, lighters, matches should be stored in a place that cannot be accessed by your children.
  • Install corner pads on furniture that has sharp corners.
  • As much as possible, your expensive china wares and other breakable ornaments should be stored away.

2. Find things to do with your kids. Make sure that you engage your toddler in an activity every day. Toddlers need to move around a lot to burn their excess energy.

Take your kids out for a walk - don't worry if you don't have enough space for your toddler to run around. If you live in a flat, I'm sure you can find a decent park to stroll with your little one. Try out some activities below:

  • Treasure Hunting - hide simple things for them look for.
  • Play catch.
  • Let them ride their bike.
  • Nature tripping - an easy way to teach them about the different plants, flowers and even animals.
  • Swimming - if this is not possible, try the wading pool - most kids love the water, and an hour or two in the water will definitely give him a good night's sleep.

If the weather does not permit you to go outside, you can still have some indoor activities to enjoy with your toddler.

  • Books are great way to help boost their early literacy skills.
  • Enjoy crafts with your kids. Teach them how to paint; just make sure to use water based coloring materials.
  • Sing and dance with them.
  • Exercise with your kid. This will not only help your kid's burn out that energy but is also good for you to burn those calories.

There will be times that your toddler would just want to play by himself. Encourage it by giving him toys that are safe for his age.

  • Push and pull car or trucks are good.
  • Puzzles can progress their hand eye coordination and motor skills. This type of game is a good way to help your toddler improve their attention span.
  • Building blocks are also a good way to enhance their motor skills.

3. Keep a healthy diet. Avoid too much sugar, especially during the night. Sugar rush can keep you and your toddler awake all night.

For sanity's sake, try to rest and give yourself a break. By letting him play alone, you can also grab something to read and enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee.


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