How To Make a Girl Fall in Love with You

Have you spotted a girl that you think you’re in love with? If you’re feeling strong feelings for a girl, you’re probably worried about how she feels about you. Whether you’ve never talked to her, or you’re already dating her, there are methods to make a girl fall in love with you. Although you can’t force it, these can help:

  1. Catch her attention. If you’re already dating, then you’ve already done this. If not, then asking her out is the first step. Get to know her, and let her know a little about you. Flaunt your assets, whether you are the star of the basketball team, have a great sense of humor, or are the smartest guy in the class.
  2. Make yourself attractive. Looks aren’t everything, but they can help. Good hygiene, fresh breath, a nice shirt, and fresh breath can be especially helpful as you are getting to know each other. She’s unlikely to try to make a connection with you if she isn’t attracted to you.
  3. Make a connection. Wow her with your personality, and carry on a good conversation with her. A girl will not fall in love with someone who can’t hold her interest. Be sure to ask lots of questions about her, too, so you can get to know her. She won’t like it if you go on and on about yourself but seem to take no interest in her life.
  4. Be stable. Girls need to know that you can deal with them. In part this depends on your age; if you’re old enough, you should have a job, a car, or a home of your own. Otherwise, you just need to show her that you won’t dump her once you get bored. Stand by her when she’s going through tough times, and be her shoulder to cry on.
  5. Make her feel comfortable. By giving you her love, the girl is making herself vulnerable and opening herself up to you. She needs to know that you won’t end up hurting her. This trust is a must before she will let herself fall in love with you.
  6. Be genuine. A girl will not fall in love with someone who is constantly lying. If you keep lying to a girl, she will not respect you, and will not trust you with her love. Be confident that she will like you the way you are, and never lie to make yourself seem better or more attractive. This approach has a tendency to backfire.
  7. Be patient. Even if you think it was “love at first sight,” it might take longer for her to realize that she loves you. Be patient and take things slowly. Don’t rush the relationship too quickly or she may not want to continue it.

 Love cannot be forced, but by presenting yourself as someone worthy of her love, you can increase your chances that she will fall in love with you. Catch her attention and treat her kindly, and the chances are good that love will blossom.


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