How To Make Wedding Invitations with Unique Materials

A lot of people attend weddings. Sisters, brothers, moms, dads, cousins, relatives and friends all come out to see the union of two people under the eyes of God. But how do all those people know when and where the wedding will be? Why through invitations of course!

Wedding invitations seem like they're not much of a big deal, but the attendance of the people really hinge on those invitations. You cannot invite people on just word of mouth. Weddings are formal affairs that need formal invitations. People can't just walk into your wedding uninvited. Weddings are solemn celebrations in which the couple needs the peace and quiet to fulfill the celebration. The couple can't afford for strangers to just barge in and ruin what is possibly the biggest day in their lives. Couples can't also just give it out to just anybody; invitations should go to the people who they know, they love and they trust. The couple would want the people close to them to join them on such a momentous occasion.

So how does one make wedding invitations? First, if you want to make your invitations eye catching, you should take time to really make the invites stand out. If your wedding has a theme (beach, Middle Ages or sports) then you should make the invites in line with your theme. For example, if you have a beach themed wedding, you could put your invites inside a seashell and send them out. Or you could simply do something like a post card; behind a picture of the beach put in the essential details of your invitation (time and date, location of wedding, attire, etc.) If you are doing the Middle Ages theme, you could roll your invitation on an arrow and give that to your guest. Or you could opt to take a fake sword and write down the details on that to give a more medieval feel to it. If you do a sports theme for your wedding, write down the details for the wedding on a basketball and give those away to your potential guests.

The way you also deliver your invites can make them unique. Give out your seashell invites while wearing beach clothing and having reggae music blast in the back ground. Show up to a guest's house on a horse and give your arrow or fake sword invite. Wear basketball uniform and play a little one on one with your friend before giving out the invite.

Another way to make your invites unique is relatively simple, make the shape different. Most wedding invitations are square or rectangular. By simply just making it into another shape (circle, oblong, triangle) you can set your invitation apart from the others.

You don't always have to go all out in creativity when making your unique wedding invitations. Making them out of unique materials or objects can easily catch the guest's attention and intrigue them. They'll be excited to go to your wedding; they want to see you get married and see how what your unique invite means.


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