How To Find Marriage Help Forums and Blogs

A marriage relationship, they say, is a combination of sweet and sour. So don't expect that you will always be on a honeymoon and live happily ever after when you get married. Even the most perfect couple may have negative marriage encounters. Whatever situation you will face or are facing right now, looking for marriage help can assist you.

However, many people are so ashamed to seek a marriage counselor's advice. So, to keep your privacy, you may seek help for your marriage relationship from forums, online blogs, chats or even books. Since you're already here in cyberspace, we'll only deal with forums and blogs - the most common forms of online sharing of thoughts and ideas.

Here are some blogs and forum Web sites that you'll find helpful for your married life:

  • Way2Hope Family and Life Help - This Web site does not just focus on helping you with your relationship with your spouse but your relationship with your entire family. Some topics tackled here are money problems, marriage issues, major illnesses, senior care, eating disorders, addiction and mental health. You'll find answers from the Web site's blog entries or forums where different members give pieces of advice.
  • Project Happily Ever After - As the Web site says, "Because life after I Do isn't always charming." Perhaps, the author was a happily-ever-after fan and wants to still have her and other women's happily ever after. In Alisa's blog, you will find different entries about the usual problems of a married couple and how to resolve these. The entries are also very practical like "How to Stop Fighting About Housework" and "How to Recession-Proof your Marriage."
  • Marriage Help & Secrets - The idea of this blog is almost similar to that of the Project Happily Ever After Web site. The only difference is that the blog entries are written by different writers. This still includes personal plus professional views regarding common married life issues such as problems with money, seeking a marriage councilor, and a lot more.
  • Catholic Marriage - Even if you're not a Catholic, you will appreciate the marriage advice on this Web site. Of course, the Web site's advice focuses on what the Bible says about marriage, helping Catholic and even non-Catholic couples to form their relationships based on God's will.
  • Talk About Marriage - If you want pure forums, then you should go to this Web site. Talk About Marriage is like a collection of discussions by different people of various beliefs, cultures and religions, talking about marriage.
  • Marriage Builders - Here, you can provide some insights and pieces of advice regarding different marriage problems. You can also post questions relating to marriage and have answers from hundreds of its members.

Really, it will be hard work before you can celebrate at least your silver wedding anniversary. Many trials and problems will come your way that might threaten your family's solidarity. Remember that you can use the Internet to gain insight on marriage through healthy marriage-blogs, chats, forums and electronic books.


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