How To Use Floating Candles

In life, there are plenty of opportunities and special occasions when we can celebrate certain milestones and significant events. It could be a wedding ceremony, which is an expression of a man’s devotion and commitment and a woman’s allegiance and love for her man. This ceremony always comes with symbols that represent the couple’s commitment to one another.

A well-known wedding symbol is the candle. Wedding or unity candles have recently been added to the usual wedding ceremony. Unity candle ceremonies use two tapered candles and a large pillar candle (also known as the "unity candle") in the center. At the start of the wedding ceremony, one representative each from both families (often times the mothers of the bride and groom) light the two tapered candles. Afterwards, the bride and groom light the unity candle together using the two candles. The two candles symbolize the light in the couple’s journey to their new life, while the pillar candle symbolizes God as the source of that light. The unity candle also symbolizes the union of the two families.

Apart from being a significant fixture in weddings, candles of various shapes and colors also make wonderful decorations. Floating candles in particular can set the mood and tone of the ceremony. Floating candles can give a wedding set in a garden with a foundation or a small pond a lovely, dramatic touch. They can also be placed inside crystal bowls set along the aisle to light the path of the bride as she makes her way to her groom.

Heart-shaped floating candles can also be used as centerpieces for the wedding reception. Placed in a martini glass, a champagne glass, or grouped together in a large bowl, they add a touch of romance and elegance to the celebration.
Of course, floating candles can also be used in different occasions. During send off parties, you can place freesia floating candles in a pool. Choose candles in a medley of different colors to add more brilliance to the venue. During coming-of-age parties or Sweet Sixteen celebrations, floating candles can be used to add a decorative flair to the party, no matter how formal or casual they may be. Glamorous Sweet Sixteen balls will look even more magical with floating candles dotting every table, and a fun and informal pool party will look even more special once floating candles are lit during nightfall.

Another great occasion where you can use floating candles is during bridal showers. The bridal shower is one of the most exciting moments for a bride-to-be, so everything has to look perfect. Floating candles, along with votive candles, placed in bowls, in the corners of a room, or set in front of windows can spark a feeling of playfulness and encourage some fun and excitement throughout the party.

Clearly, candles can be both symbolic and ornamental, and floating candles are just one type of candle that lends a mystical, otherworldly feel to any celebration.


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