How To Organize Beach Weddings in Summer

A wedding is one of the most significant events in a person’s life—with two persons committing an undying, faithful love to each other and to share a journey of life together. The idea of having a beach wedding is attractive, either during the day or night time, which is romantic as well. Here are some guidelines in organizing a summer beach wedding.

  • First, decide on the destination. You don’t need to travel from one country to another just to find a suitable beach; you can find one locally. But if you wish to have a beach wedding ceremony in another country, there are no limits.
  • Find a white sand beach to decorate. Have a canopy to cover where the wedding will take place—this is an option. You can decorate the aisle with some rose petals to create a stunning effect. Decorate the place with seashell shaped candles, lanterns, and torches for the nighttime wedding. For the candles buy the wind proofed ones, to ensure that the breeze will not put out the candlelight.
  • Set up the flowers of your choice beside the aisle. There can also be a wooden platform that will serve as a stage in the front.
  • The wedding dress of the bride may be shorter than the usual wedding gown. The bride can also wear a more casual outfit than a traditional wedding gown, in linen or silk. The groom can wear a linen suit or shirt with matching drawstring pants. Remember, casual can be elegant, too. The couple can go bare foot or they can wear sandals. The dress code can be informal for the guests, or they may go for tropical attire depending on the theme of the wedding.
  • There is no need to limit the color of the theme to white. The attire can be in a variety of colors for a tropical theme to perfectly match the venue. There are so many ways to accessorize the bride, and this depends on her personal taste and style. She may use pearls or anything that she wishes—keep it simple to reflect the serenity of the ocean.
  • Have an emergency plan ready. Have a place where the ceremony and reception can be relocated in case of natural events, like strong winds or rains. Better be ready and plan ahead. For the safety of the guests, have sunscreen and mosquito repellent available, also water and ice for their comfort. It can be dehydrating to stand under the sun for a long time. The couple and the guests should remain comfortable throughout the wedding. Be sure that there is enough shade, a tent, or a big umbrella around.
  • Tokens of appreciation. For the tokens of appreciation, you may want to give personalized flip-flops in a variety of colors, depending on the wedding theme.

The theme of the wedding should reflect the personality of both couples to make it more appealing and fun. Give attention to everything down to the smallest details. And the most important thing is—do not forget to enjoy the activities while planning. Relax and have fun on your wedding day.


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