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More Parenting Articles

  • How To Play with a 3-Month-Old Baby

    Babies that are three months old will begin to experience the world around them through the constant development of their sensory perception. While their vision may...
  • How To Teach Children Safe Play with Dogs

    Most kids love pets that they can touch, cuddle and play with all the time. Dogs are just the perfect companions for these playful demands. Do remember that even if...
  • How To Teach Children about Mental Disabilities

    Your kids may not readily grasp the fact that some people have mental disabilities. Don’t penalize or ground them when they wrongly made fun of people with mental...
  • How To Teach Children about Memorial Day

    Memorial Day aims to honor those men and women who have selflessly sacrificed their lives in order to safeguard our freedom and our sovereignty. It is an opportune...
  • How To Teach a Child to Tie Shoes

    Your child must be discovering and exploring things by now. You may observe him trying to do things on his own. When a child turns two, his curiosity peaks and he...
  • How To Teach a Child to Speak

    From birth to about two years of age, a child communicates only through gestures and cries. Learning how to communicate using distinguishable words is one of the...
  • How To Teach a Child Proper Behavior at a Funeral

    As sad as it is, attending funerals is something that your child will have to go through sometime in his life. Before taking your child to a funeral it’s important...
  • How To Survive Living with Teenagers

    Teenagers are a rollercoaster ride of emotions. They are moody, passive-aggressive, rebellious, emotional and even bonkers. Sure, you’ve been there and done that,...
  • How To Talk to a Preschooler

    Talking to preschoolers and small children can be fun and at the same time challenging. Small children can have very interesting observations and can have plenty of...
  • How To Deal with Teenagers and Visitation Schedules

    When you and your spouse divorce, one of the complications that needs to be worked on is a visitation schedule for the children. It can get complicated if your...
  • How To Take a Toddler to the Mall

    Hanging out and going shopping at the mall is always fun and enjoyable. However, once you bring a toddler with you, the whole experience can become a nightmare....
  • How To Show a Teen How Much you Care

    Dealing with a teenager is like walking on a tight rope—make one misstep and you’ll find yourself falling down. That’s because this juvenile phase in a...
  • How To Survive as a Single Mom in Today's Economy

    Today’s economy is very tough for everyone, especially single mothers. With skyrocketing prices for even the most basic commodities, making ends meet can be...
  • How To Use a Pacifier

    Most people think that using a pacifier for babies is not a good idea. However, sometimes it helps when the baby wants to fulfill their desires for sucking when it’s...
  • How To Treat Depression in a Teenager without Using Drugs

    Depression is one of those monsters that can attack at any time. Technically, depression can be seen once in a while in teenagers but only in short spurts. This is...
  • How To Tell if a Baby is Ready for Solid Food

    It is often confusing for parents who just had their first baby to tell if their little bundle is ready to take on solid food. As someone who is just about to get used...
  • How To Tell if a Baby is a Genius

    It is often said that babies are like sponges that live to soak in more and more information as they continue to progress towards their childhood. There are cases when...
  • How To Tell a Bedtime Story

    Part of a good bedtime routine is telling a bedtime story. It gives the child something to look forward to at night, while at the same time helps him wind down after a...
  • How To Secure your Daycare Center

    Day care centers are temporary havens for your kids while you are away. It is only right that a responsible parent like you should be more than sure when it comes to...
  • How To Teach your Child Good Interpersonal Communication Skills

    Interpersonal communication skills are used in everyday situations and can have an impact on a child’s course of life. This is why they have to be fully and...
  • How To Teach Traffic Safety to Preschoolers

    Traffic safety is one of the foundational lessons preschoolers must learn. They should know how to cross the street, the importance of traffic signals, and the need to...
  • How To Teach Teens Life Skills

    If you want your teenager to grow as a mature and responsible adult, you better make sure you are teaching him life skills. These are skills that are necessary in...
  • How To Teach Teenagers to be Successful

    Most teenagers are naturally competitive. They like adventures and challenges, wanting always to be on top of everything. Teenagers, however, are often easily...
  • How To Teach Siblings to Get Along

    Remember: how siblings relate to one another is a very important factor in their individual success as adults. That’s why it’s essential that you as their parent...
  • How To Teach Responsibility

    If you want your child to imbibe positive traits, the key here is to start teaching them very early. Of course, the way that you teach them is a very important factor...
  • How To Select Sweet Sixteen Songs

    Your daughter is turning sweet sixteen soon and you are preparing for a party. If you are planning for a surprise party for your daughter, you may want to enlist the...
  • How To Prevent Baby from Getting a Flat Head

    Although the flat head may be unsightly at first, your baby will eventually grow out of it. Here are tips on how to prevent it from happening.
  • How To Make Plaster Handprints of your Child

    Follow these steps to take plaster handprints from your child. They make great memories and make wonderful gifts for parents and grandparents.
  • How To Organize a Summer Camp

    Summer is the time when kids get to have fun without worrying about school. However, it does not mean that you should simply let your kid do whatever he wants. As a...
  • How To Raise Your Child to be Bilingual

    Raising bilingual children is to their advantage. With the world becoming more global, it’s more important than ever to teach your child a second language to remain...
  • How To Buy Cheap Playground Equipment Online

    You can equip your backyard or neighborhood playground by finding cheap playground equipment online.
  • How To Raise Teenage Girls

    Raising a teenage daughter can be very difficult. At this point in time, the teenage girl may feel confused as to what she wants to do with her life, what she thinks...
  • How To Prepare Your Child for a Pageant

    Are you grooming your child to participate in the beauty pageant circuit? If this is the case, do know that the pageant itself is, as they say, the tip of the iceberg....
  • How To Prepare Your Child for Summer Camp

    Is your child going away to camp for the first time? It’s important to remember that even though the word camp may elicit pictures of fun and adventure, a child who...
  • How To Make a Stylish Burp Cloth

    Burping and spit up will happen, so every mom and dad should be prepared for baby with their own stylish burp cloth.
  • How To Make a Diaper Stacker

    Keep the nursery and your diapers neat and ready to hand with this idea to create a diaper stacker.
  • How To Make a Cloth Baby Doll

    Create a special friend for a child with these plans to make and decorate a cloth baby doll.
  • How To Make a Baby’s Rattle

    Keep baby entertained with your own homemade baby's rattle.
  • How To Make a Baby Diaper Carriage

    Offer the mother to be a perfect and clever mix of all she needs with these plans to make a baby diaper carriage baby shower gift.
  • How To Make a Scrapbook Page About your Kid's Favorite Things

    Give your child a reminder of who they used to be with these ideas to make a scrapbook page about your kid's favorite things.
  • How To Make a Bed Skirt for a Crib

    Complete the look of your crib and nursery with these instructions to help you make a bed skirt for any crib.
  • How To Make a Baby Carriage Diaper Cake

    For a fun and welcome baby shower gift, try these plans to make a baby carriage diaper cake.
  • How To Make a Nap Mat for Kids

    Want to encourage your kids to take naps? Make them their own nap mats, and they'll soon snooze away. Here's how to make a nap mat for kids.
  • How To Make a Baby Burp Pad

    When you have a baby, you don't have to buy expensive new stuff all the time. Sometimes, you can save a lot on expenses by learning how to do certain baby things by...
  • How To Make a Teeter-Totter

    Want to encourage your kids to play outdoors? Follow these steps to make your own play equipment. Here's how to make a teeter-totter.
  • How To Make a Kids Craft Table

    Want to give your kids fun activities to do? Encourage arts and crafts with this neat table. Here's how to make a kids craft table.
  • How To Keep Kids Safe at the Playground

    Do you worry about your children when playing at the park? Find safety tips to protect a child. Here’s how to keep kids safe at the playground.
  • How To Know when it is Time to Leave your Step-Children

    Have a rocky relationship with your stepchild? Use these tips to protect yourself. Here's how to know when it is time to leave your stepchildren.
  • How To Host a Doll Party for Little Girls

    Hosting a party for little girls? Get tips for creating a doll party theme. Here's how to host a doll party for little girls.
  • How To Keep Baby Safe in the Nursery

    making the baby's room safe is a priority for parents. Here are a few ways to keep your nursery as danger-free as possible.