How To Choose Popular Wedding Flower Arrangements

Wedding plans and flower arrangements used for the occasion follow the personal preferences of the bride and groom. The couple-to-be has the final say on concerns like, when and where the wedding and reception will be, style of the attire for the whole entourage, type of wedding, the color motif, and the flowers to be used.

The wedding flower arrangement usually sets the mood for the event. Flower arrangements include the flowers, colors, greenery and garnish--from the bridal bouquet to the centerpieces on tables. There are flower arrangements you can order online and have delivered to the venue. Some florists do these in standard preparations, but most of them do the flower arrangements themselves, to give each arrangement their personal touch. Small flowers floating in bowls of water or attached to candles can be used as centerpieces. Entrances can be dressed up with flowers placed in archways. In doing the flower arrangements, the color scheme should be considered so that the ribbons, beads and flowers would complement each other.

It is the job of a good florist to match the flower arrangements with the location of the wedding, location of the reception, and the color of the gowns of the bride, bridesmaids, and flower girls. He sets the mood for the wedding and prepares the bouquet that will give the final elegant look to the bride. Bouquets come in different shapes and sizes. Here are some of the most popular flower arrangements for weddings:

  1. Round or colonial bouquet is a bouquet with flowers that are clustered together.
  2. Nosegay is a small round cluster of flowers that includes more leaves and ribbons.
  3. Cascade, teardrop or waterfall includes flowers with heavy buds arranged with flowing shrubbery.
  4. Biedermeier is a European-inspired arrangement with flower heads of different types and colors positioned in a defined circular pattern.
  5. Heart symbolizes love. It is unusually shaped featuring two full semi-circles at the top, while narrowing down to a point at the bottom of the bouquet.
  6. Single stem features a unique design, such as an intricately wrapped stem, intricate bow, ribbons, or a pretty lace collar that gives the design more beauty and attractiveness. Usually a rose is used.
  7. Basket has flowers arranged in a shallow basket, carried by young girls in the entourage and used in a garden wedding.

Wedding flower arrangement for centerpieces can have the following forms:

  • Ivory bud vase with tea roses
  • Glass lamps surrounded by flowers
  • Glass bowls with floating candles and flowers
  • Flower arrangement matched with the color theme
  • Intricately arranged bunch of balloons
  • Unique and unusual topiaries
  • Candles with dried flowers arranged inside the wax

Flowers like roses, tulips, orchids, calla lilies and lily of the valley make any wedding beautiful and memorable. Wedding flowers enhance the beauty of the bride and her entourage. They express the feelings the couples have for each other. They also set the place in a romantic mood. A wedding would not be complete without the wedding flower arrangements.


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