How To Show a Guy that you Like Him

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At some point in every girl's life, she finds that there is a special someone who has captured her attention.  She can think of nobody or nothing else as she hopes that one day he will notice her and reciprocate with mutual feelings.  She soon learns, however, that men are not mind-readers, and at some point she will need to be educated in the art of showing a guy that you like him.  If she does not learn and master this art, she may always be the wallflower, and never the dance partner.

To show a guy that you like him, it's important to understand what not to do.  Following him around and constantly showing up when he's hanging out with his guys friends does not show a guy that you like him.  It shows him that he may have a stalker on his hands.  He will run, screaming, in the opposite direction.  No, in order to show a guy that you like him, you need to be careful to pace your efforts and not be too overwhelming.  If you find that he likes talking with you, it's good to always leave him wanting to spend more time with you, rather than feeling worn out by your company.

When trying to show a guy that you like him, use common sense.  Be interested in what he has to say, and in learning more about him.  Guys like girls who are attentive.  To show a guy that you like him, smile, and show him you are happy to see him.  Small gifts are appropriate, such as a batch of homemade cookies or a cd of favorite songs.  Don't spend a lot of money.  You don't need to present a watch to show a guy that you like him.  He will appreciate the small, heartfelt gestures that show you care and are thinking about him.  Show a guy that you like him in many little ways, and he will get the picture.

In your efforts to show a guy that you like him, give him the opportunity to know who you are.  You are a treasure, and the right guy will be interested in discovering you.  In fact, if you are highly skilled in how to show a guy that you like him, he might not even realize what you are doing.  He may find that you are constantly on his mind, and begin reading articles on "How to Show a Girl That You Like Her."


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