How To Tell if a Girl Likes you in School

There are so many ways to determine whether a girl in your school likes you.  Girls give out subtle (and not-so-subtle) hints if they like you.  Sometimes you have to really pay attention sometimes because actions are not always as obvious as you think they should be.

Unfortunately, it's not as simple as people being open and just saying, "Hey, I like you." Don't we all wish it were that easy? Of course we do, but here are some tips on things to watch for if you are trying to figure out whether a girl in your school likes you.

  • Get her talking: start out by asking her questions about things she likes. If you ask her a question and she answers quickly, she doesn't like you and is probably trying to end the conversation.  If she takes her time answering the question then there's a good chance she likes talking to you. If she continues to talk to you or starts asking you questions, then she doesn't want you to leave and has interest in you. Of course, if she answers the questions quickly there is a possibility that she could be playing hard to get so keep an eye on her body language. Not everything is black and white - sometimes there are some other colors in there!
  • Just be yourself. Girls like when guys aren't posturing and trying too hard to impress them.
  • If a girl stretches a lot during your conversation, this may mean she's nervous and feels like she needs to move around. Now, she may just truly need to stretch so don't get too confused.  If she makes a lot of small moves with her hands around her face and hair, then she may be trying to get your attention. 
  • Does she pay attention to you?  Does she say your name a lot when she's around you? If so, then this probably means that she wants you to know that she likes you.
  • Hang around her, but don't overdo it! You don't want to hang around her so much that you make her uncomfortable, but you do want to be sure to make yourself known.  For example: if you're both at the same event, it's okay to pass by her occasionally and flash her a nice smile - but don't stand just outside her circle and leer like a freak.

Some great tips to remember when you're trying to figure out whether a girl in your school likes you:

  • If you catch her looking at you at random moments, there is a good chance she likes you.
  • If you ever look over to stare at her and you catch her turning away quickly, chances are she was staring at you as well. This is a good sign that she likes you.
  • If she calls you "cute" or some other little name, she probably likes you.

Just watch carefully for all the signs, whether they are obvious or not. Don't overanalyze the situation; be open, honest, and confident and you are sure to make a good impression - and that's the first step toward getting a girl to like you.


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