How To Raise Triplets

If raising one baby is already difficult, then raising twins, triplets, and quintuplets is even harder. Caring for a child requires full-time attention from at least one person, especially the mother, and this is already quite difficult, especially since a child is 100% dependent on adults for survival.

This alone can almost make you give up. Now, imagine if you have to raise three babies at the same time. That will surely be three times the hardship and trouble. So before you go crazy caring for your little triplets, you better learn about how to take care of them just before they are born.

  • Plan your everyday routine and stick to it. Babies tend to change habits almost every week. Though their habits may change, you can still keep up with these if your everyday routine is already planned. For example, you should already know how to bathe the babies, how to give them vitamins, and how to sterilize their bottles. One of the easiest ways you can keep up with each baby is to prepare a note for each of your babies. This note will serve as your monitoring chart where you can check the things you have already done for them. That way, you can always go over the list and check if you have missed doing something for them.
  • Seek help if you will raise the babies alone. It's hard to be a single parent to three babies. Even if your partner is a hands-on support, things might still be very difficult. That is why you should never be shy to ask some friends, neighbors, and relatives for help. Perhaps, you may never have to ask them because they may volunteer to help you. They can come over your house and help you with the babies. Even if they stay there for an hour, that is still a very big help.
  • Have a good strategy when feeding babies. Triplets cannot always have the same feeding time. It's good for you if they have the same feeding routine. But what if they don't? That will surely be more difficult on your part since it will consume some of your supposed resting hours. You can prevent this trouble by preparing the bottles and the milk before you go to bed. Help them feel comfortable, too, so they'll have a great night's sleep. If not, you can always sleep in the day when a friend comes over to the house to help with the babies.
  • Have fun taking care of your triplets. Parents become drained when taking care of their babies, especially with multiple babies. But what can you do? You always need to keep your temper and be patient at all times. Instead of stressing yourself out with your babies, why don't you go out for a nice walk at the park with your triplets?

Just put them in each of their strollers and ask a friend to go for a walk with you and the babies.

Now that you are expecting, prepare yourself with everything you need to know. Just keep in mind that your task will surely be easier compared to parents with quintuplets. Besides, your little babies will always be the source of your happiness no matter how difficult they are to take care of.


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