How To Compare Umbrella Stroller Models

It's nice to know that there are many types of umbrella stroller (also known as lightweight strollers) that you could buy for your baby. This actually serves double purposes - not only would your baby get the maximum comfort and enjoyment that you would like him to experience, but you as the parent would be able to enjoy the design and other aesthetic factors as well.

One of the best stroller types in the market today are umbrella strollers. One major advantage to using this type of stroller is that it's very easy to fold up and store, as compared to other bulkier models. Other advantages include their lightweight designs, easy maneuverability, and in many cases, their added features such as a sunshade and carrying baskets underneath. Their smaller size also is an added advantage.

Many parents choose to buy umbrella strollers if they want to travel with their babies (such as during vacations or trips to the mall), but keep a traditional stroller for everyday walks and daily activities. Also, it's recommended that you use only a traditional stroller if your baby is less than 6 months of age; babies are ready for umbrella strollers (which provide less reclining capacity and padding) once they are older than 6 months.

There are many types of umbrella strollers available in the market today. These types depend on the following factors:

1.      Seating capacity.

There are double umbrella strollers (also known by other names such as twin strollers) that can carry two babies within two separate seats. There are even triple strollers if you have three infants (triplets or toddlers of varying ages) - some brands and models include Inglesina's Trio Domino Stroller, and Mountain Buggy's Terrain Triple Stroller. Still not satisfied? Why not try out tandem strollers, which could seat up to six children? Twin strollers are typically within the price range of a little over $100 to $250.

2.      Accessories.

You could choose your umbrella stroller by the accessories that you think you would need. Some examples of umbrella stroller accessories include rain covers (made of clear plastic - it should have very good ventilation so your baby will still feel comfortable inside) which could be attached via velcro straps; sun parasols to give your baby extra protection from the sun; seat liners, which provide extra padding and which you could easily remove and wash regularly in case your baby stains it. Seat liners are actually extra important for umbrella strollers - remember that umbrella strollers are less padded than their more traditional counterparts.

Other accessories you may consider include stroller connectors (for you to transform your single stroller to a tandem stroller,) storage options, and snow wheels.

3.      Brand.

There are so many different brands of umbrella strollers available. These would include Chicco strollers, Inglesina, Maclaren, Graco, Evenflo, Miamoda and Jeep. These brands typically offer different varieties of colors and designs, along with other individual features. Check out their websites to get full details on each brand and the models they carry.

To look for stroller reviews and ratings, you could go check out useful websites such as, and Have a happy time choosing the best stroller for your baby!


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