How To Know Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Wedding invitations often reflect the mood and theme of the upcoming wedding, so it is important to keep it crisp and consistent with the personalities and preferences of the people involved. You can take many liberties when it comes to designing wedding cards. You can choose from several styles. Custom invitations can be printed in many different colors, while others use the traditional white and lace pattern. There are even some that come with little trinkets and charms similar to what you get as a souvenir after attending a ceremony and reception.

There are some rules with regard to the etiquette of wedding invitations, though. Here are a few tips in wedding invitation etiquette.

  1. Bridal registry - For one, it would be great if you can alert your guests which stores you are registered at so they can easily buy gifts for you. However, some people think it is rude and greedy to include a listing of where you're registered at. They think it shows you are expecting gifts. It's up to you whether you want to include a listing or not. It can be helpful for those guests who aren't able to call and find out where to buy a gift for you.
  2. Location - Make sure that you indicate the exact location and time of the wedding party, especially if the reception venue is a drive away from the church. Attach a good copy of the road map or sketch. Take note of every street sign, building, house and intersection that could possibly confuse drivers who are coming from out of town. The details on the sketch must be accurate and the distance should be drawn to scale. If possible, you can even add actual pictures of landmarks that will make it easier for others to find whatever you want them to find.
  3. Wedding announcements - Another way of letting people know of an upcoming wedding is through a radio announcement. If a radio station is popular in your town and you would like to invite a lot of people to your party after the ceremony, it would be a great idea to call your local DJ and just ask for a few seconds of his time on the air. This gives you the opportunity to broadcast the upcoming event to everyone and you don't even have to print extra wedding cards for these other people.
  4. Websites - Lastly, you can even use a website to announce a future wedding party! Social networking sites are the rage, and with a few clever tweets and status messages, your friends will be buzzing with anticipation in no time! This would be great if you really want to hype up the day of the ceremony. Wedding announcements on the Web are also useful if you have a lot of relatives and friends in other parts of the world, which may not necessarily be able to fly home to attend your wedding.

This is your day, after all. The couple-to-be are the stars of the show, but it pays to be kind and thankful to your guests, because they will be sharing one of your most cherished moments with you.


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