How To Choose Wooden Baby Educational Toys

There are so many kinds of baby toys available on the market. It is up to the parents what kind of toys they will allow their children to play with. They should consider not just the beauty of the toy but also the quality. It will always be best to pick one that is educational because baby educational toys help the child develop his fundamental skills.

Wooden educational toys have been introduced to parents to be the best toys for babies. Many parents have already been encouraged to teach and switch their baby's toys into wooden educational toys. These developmental toys boost the baby's self confidence, creativity, flexibility and learning. 

Why Choose Wooden Toys?

Wooden baby educational toys are categorized into three. These include:

  1. Arts and crafts toys - This type of wooden toy builds up the baby's fine motor skills through small muscle coordination.
  2. Educational games and construction toys - This sharpens the baby's concentration and developmental skills.
  3. Pretend play toy - This kind widens the imagination of children and encourages them to use words that develop their communication skills.

In terms of quality, wooden toys are more practical choices. They are best when it comes to safeness and durability. Since babies are sensitive, it is important that they only have safe toys. Compared to plastic toys that might have harmful materials, wooden infant toys are lead-free. Also, toys that are made of wood are easy to clean and hygienic. Meaning, infant toys would be more likely to be clean and germ-free throughout the child's play time.

Wooden Toys for Sale

There is a wide array of wooden educational toys in a lot of toy stores worldwide, including online and wholesale stores. Wooden learning infant toys include baby activity books, teethers, grasping baby toys, and a lot more depending on the child's age bracket. Toddlers, on the other hand, have developmental toys like blocks, trucks and balls, and remote control-powered toys.

There are a lot of manufacturers that supply wooden toys to department and wholesale stores. Some of the best manufacturers in terms of producing quality wooden infant learning toys are:

  1. Haba - A German company known for their quality toys and has a strict quality control over Chinese-made items.
  2. Maple Landmark - Their wooden toys are made in the United States. Their woods are attractive. Most of their products are finished with either whey or beeswax.
  3. Plan Toys - Their woods are from organic rubber wood and they use water-based dyes and soy inks making their products safe to use as well as environment friendly.
  4. Ezri - This is another German toy manufacturer that creates quality wood toys with non-toxic finishes.
  5. Melissa & Doug - They produce quality wood baby activity toys that can usually be found in most stores as well as online.

If you want your child to develop all his skills fully, let him play with the right kinds of toys. It is better to let him play with wooden blocks than remote control cars. Although baby toys don't seem to have much value for the children, parents should responsibly encourage them to start learning how to play with baby educational toys. These will give them their childhood joys, but it will also unlock their hidden skills. 


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