How To Buy Fall Fashions

Fall is undeniably the season for fashion; fashion's "happy place" snug in between summer's heat and winter's biter chill. And it is for this reason so many people truly embrace fall fashions; not only are they still able to enjoy the light weight clothing associated with summer, but they are able to mix it up with some fresh colors and some light layering.  

Still, for whatever reason, too often people do not take full advantage of this great season. Don't contribute to fall fashion don'ts by allowing your summer clothing to linger into the fall season: all those strident colors and weather inappropriate clothing and shoes (flip flops) are strictly for your summer fun. On the other side of this spectrum others will jump right into winter clothing; heavy long sleeve shirts and sweaters (there is nothing attractive about bulky clothing; these items are to keep you warm when it is cold and that is all). So when shopping for fall fashion, keep in mind these helpful tips: 

  1. When out shopping resist the urge to buy summer clearance items. There is nothing wrong with wanting to save some cash, but let's do it right. Window shop the designer clothing stores, making note of the styles and colors that designers deem "it" for this fall. Once you have a good idea of what you're looking for, hit up the discount stores like Target, TJ-Max, Ross, and your local thrift stores. You already know what's going to be hot for the season, now with a little time and patience at these other stores you will be able to afford something fashionable, not just inexpensive.
  2. If you don't have time for window shopping, keep in mind those colors and styles that are always a must for fall fashion. Fall basic colors: blacks, browns, creams, and cool colors like moss, rose, and burnt orange are always in style. Choose fabrics that are comfortable and light like simple fitted cotton t-shirts; items that are easily worn with or without a light jean or hooded jacket.
  3. It's really all about the accessories.  Buy a few thick belts in brown and black with large buckles in silver or brass. A unique purse and that perfect pair of shoes is guaranteed to jazz up any outfit. And large hoop and dangle silver earrings always add a little extra something.

With these few basic tips on shopping for fall fashions you will have no problem transitioning from summer into fall with just the right clothing and accessories.  


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