How To Buy Plus Size Women's Apparel

Just because you wear plus size clothing doesn't mean you should have to sacrifice style. Today, many stores carry fashionable clothing in a wide variety of sizes. Here are some tips to help you weed through all of the choices and find the look that suits you best and makes you feel like a million dollars.

  1. Familiarize yourself with current trends so you can buy clothing that is in style.
  2. Find clothing that works with your body type. Stay away from trends that are too young or unflattering for your size.
  3. Invest in some well-cut basics. More expensive, tailored items can often make you look slimmer than more cheaply made options.
  4. Don't shop by size--shop by fit. Many people get caught up in the size they think they are and stick with it, even when the clothing doesn't fit properly.
  5. Have clothing altered to hug your shape. If pants fit you in the hips but gap at the waist, have them tailored so they fit like they were custom made.
  6. Accessorize. You can call attention to your best features, such as a long neck or sparkling eyes, with pretty earrings, a necklace or a scarf.
  7. Select colors that work with your skin tone so you will look your best.
  8. Avoid prints that are too large. If you want to spice up an outfit, use bold patterns sparingly in a scarf or on a collar or cuff rather than all over.
  9. Find pieces that give your body structure, such as a tailored blazer.
  10. Steer clear of fabrics that pill or don't fit smoothly.
  11. Check the seams of items to be sure they will lie flat when you put them on.
  12. Look at specialty women's shops and chains, as well as in the women's section in department stores.  You can also find plus size clothes at discount houses including Target and Walmart.
  13. Shop online. Many popular websites and clothing stores now offer plus size lines.
  14. Try clothing on to find out what fits you and looks the best. Don't just buy things off the rack without seeing what works on you.
  15. Invest in some good shoes that are the right heel height for your pants.
  16. Don't forget to have the right undergarments for your clothes. This can make a big difference in how things fit.
  17. When you buy new items, think of what is already in your closet so you can create outfits that will go together and give you a confident, polished look, no matter what your size.

By following these easy steps, you can build a great plus-size wardrobe on any budget that will work with your lifestyle.


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