How To Wear Flattering Fashion with a Short Waist

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It is quite rare that one comes across someone who looks perfect - a great body to match good looks! Some are too tall or short, some are healthy, while some are thin and some are short-waisted! Girls who have short waists will have an unusually smaller distance from their waistline to their shoulders. Finding the right garments and accessories are the key to enhancing your short-waistline. In the case of a short-waisted girl, it depends entirely on her body composition; height, weight, large versus small bust line, bone structure, boyish versus fuller hips, healthy versus flat or small rear end, etc. Here are some great fashion tips for girls blessed with short waists!

  • The right bra - A well fitted bra will help enhance and maximize your waistline. The wrong bra will only end up taking all the valuable waist space.
  • Belts - Accessorizing your clothes with belts worn around your hips will help accentuate your waist. Use wide belts if you are trying to create a waistline or narrow belts which lengthen your short waistline. Choosing a skinny belt that matches your top and wearing it really low helps create an illusion of your waistline ending lower than usual.
  • Long jackets - Wearing long jackets with short skirts will also help elongate your torso to maximum effect. Use of short jackets will only bring all the attention to your waistline, thus not helping the purpose!
  • Low cut trousers and skirts - Avoid wearing high-waisted trousers as they will only make your waist look shorter. Wearing low cut trousers, jeans or skirts and tucking your top or shirt in will help create an illusion of a waistline. In case you have a large stomach, do not tuck in your top as this will show lumps and bumps, especially if you're wearing fitted tops and skirts or trousers!
  • Other tips - A blouse that is loose and not tucked in or a long sweater will give length to your waistline. You could also look for a trendy sweater dress or a shift dress depending on the season. Wearing garments that takes people's attention away from your waist will also help serve the purpose! Maxi dresses or empire line dresses will also give you that stunning, feminine look and the best part - any observers will not be able to distinguish where your waistline starts or ends! Tops or blouses with a V-neckline in the front or back also help in creating length, drawing the observer's eye lower.

Avoid wearing patterned tops, wide belts, high-waisted trousers and skirts, horizontal stripes, boleros or cropped jackets, etc. Short waists are not an issue if you know how to camouflage them and wear clothes which highlight and accentuate other parts of your body, drawing the viewer away from your waist's shortcomings!


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